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Spring Cleaning Your RV

With the warm weather, sunshine, and blossoms of springtime comes everyone’s favorite time of year: travel season. The best way to enjoy travel season is to properly prepare with RV maintenance and (you guessed it!) a thorough spring cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at how you should be spring cleaning your RV.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your RV’s Interior

When it comes to your RV, it is usually best to work from the inside out. To get your coach road-ready, take the following steps.

Begin by decluttering.

It is typically best to declutter before you clean. Why? Well, it has to get worse before it gets better, and decluttering usually makes a big old mess. To lighten up your load and reduce the number of items to clean, go through every drawer, cabinet, and bin in your RV. Remove unnecessary items, and don’t look back.

Disinfect everything.

Once you have decluttered and reorganized, it’s time to sanitize. If your RV was left untouched throughout the winter, carefully dust every corner. Wipe out the insides of cabinets, look for homes made by insects and pests, and scrub it all.

Use the correct bathroom products.

Most motorhomes feature plastic bathroom appliances that need a special cleaning product. Look for RV-specific solutions to avoid yellow stains on your shower, toilet, and sink.

Invest in a dry mop.

Keep in mind that directly underneath your RV’s living space is a lot of auto gear and mechanics. The last thing you want is for excess moisture to seep through the flooring and cause some damage. Use a steam mop or dry mop to clean your floors.

Check windows and doors for cracked seals.

Checking for broken seals is an important maintenance step to avoid long-term damage. A cracked window seal can lead to leaks, mold, and uneven temperature control.

Inspect interior appliances, plumbing, and lighting for problems.

Check every appliance and light fixture before hitting the road to ensure everything is in working order. This prevents any unpleasant travel surprises.

Wash and air out any bedding or upholstery.

Make sure you give blankets, pillows, and rugs a good washing and airing to rid them of dust and other allergens.

Moving On to the Exterior!

Next up is your RV’s exterior. It might seem pointless to clean a travel vehicle that will undoubtedly get dirty again on its next road trip. However, a thorough cleaning protects your RV from chipped paint, scratches, and harsh weather. Fortunately, exterior maintenance is a fairly simple process. Maintain your RV’s exterior by doing the following.

  • Visually inspect all vehicular mechanics.
  • Check your roof for holes or leaks.
  • Thoroughly clean the outside of the motorhome.
  • Clean out your tanks.
  • Gently scrub your awning fabric with warm water and soap.

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