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Simple RV Storage Tips

Traveling in an RV is tons of fun, but it can be a little tight at times. To provide yourself with a little more elbow room (and sanity!), make sure you learn how to maximize storage space in your RV. Just apply our 6 simple RV storage tips.

Tips for Maximizing Storage in Your RV

Fortunately, increasing or adding storage space to your RV doesn’t have to difficult. Even if you don’t employ all of the following steps, one or two can still make a big difference.

  • Declutter and eliminate.

The first step toward increasing storage space in your RV is to decrease the number of items that require storage. Eliminating clutter can be difficult, but it is worth it! Try to get your items down to the basics. Particularly in the kitchen, make sure you have one of each item and avoid accumulating duplicates. Clothing is another easily-collected source of clutter. Cutting back on belongings makes extra storage a less urgent need.

  • Have a place for everything.

The next step toward maximizing storage is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Not only does this prevent items from getting stuffed in a drawer somewhere and lost, but it also makes your RV appear neat and organized. Organization is key when you are living on the road.

  • Label storage areas.

If you have trouble remembering where an item’s designated “spot” is, try labeling drawers, shelves, baskets, and containers. Labels trick your brain into keeping things clean and organized because disrupting the system is just too horrifying.

  • Look for “lost spaces.”

“Lost spaces” refer to areas that could be functional but are not. Examples include beneath steps, underneath beds and sofas, empty wall space, behind doors, and the tops of closets. If you are in dire need of extra storage space, look for these lost spaces and brainstorm. Can you mount a shelf on that wall? Will a basket fit under that table or bed? Should you install hooks on your bathroom door?

  • Use your walls. 

Floor space quickly gets to feeling tight and cluttered. Combat all the floor space you use by using wall space as well. One great way to utilize wall space over floor or drawer space is by attaching magnets to the kitchen wall. You can hang your cutlery on the magnets instead of taking up an entire silverware drawer.

  • Purchase furniture with extra storage space.

If you are considering replacing your furniture, try replacing it with furniture that is functional. Many couches and tables are designed with extra drawers, or they are collapsible. Some furniture items “shrink” so that you can make more space if necessary. Be smart when you outfit your RV and think ahead.

When All Else Fails, Get Outside!

One of the biggest benefits of RV life is that you aren’t stuck inside. In fact, one of the reasons people invest in RVs is to get outside. Spending some time sprucing up your outdoor RV setup ensures that you will enjoy spending time outdoors once you arrive at your campground. Outdoor accessories, such as RV awnings and misting systems, enhance that outdoor “elbow room” and make your trip an altogether wonderful experience.

How Can RV Awnings Help?

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