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Awning Tension

How to Keep Water from Pooling in Your Awning

If you have ever experienced saggy, water-filled awnings on your RV, you know how frustrating the problem can be. Fortunately, there are both answers and solutions to the issue. What Causes Water Pooling Problems? There are several factors that might cause issues in your slide out awning, including the following. 1. Poor Tension Awnings rely

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boondocking by the ocean

What Is Boondocking?

If you’ve been hanging around the RV world, you may have heard the term boondocking thrown around. It sounds exotic… but what exactly does it mean to go boondocking? Let’s take a look… Boondocking vs Dry Camping Many people confuse boondocking with dry camping, which is camping without hookups for water, sewage, etc. Simply put,

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rv campsite

The Finer Points of RV Campground Etiquette

Almost everyone knows the golden rule of “treat others the way you want to be treated.”  This maxim definitely applies when camping. Although you want to have fun and make memories, you should know and follow RV campground etiquette. 9 Unspoken Rules at an RV Campground You won’t find these posted in the campground, but

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RV replacement fabric installation

6 Tips for Selling Your RV

Selling your RV requires some unique strategies; in some ways, it’s like selling a car, while in other ways, it’s like selling a home. In order to get the maximum value out of your motorhome, you should first learn a little about the marketing strategies that get biggest return on your investment. When is the

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3 RV Campgrounds You Should Visit

For Americans, the idea of camping in the Australian Outback or on the face of a New Zealand volcano sounds like the ultimate adventure.  However, getting your RV overseas is not practical, and the fact is that you don’t need to travel outside the United States for a memorable experience. Here are 3 RV Campgrounds

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children at the beach

How to RV with Kids

Adventuring around the country in the RV is a great way to make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. However, camping with kids can often be tricky. Kids need plenty of space to roam and explore, and an RV doesn’t always have the indoor space for that. Make RV Travel a Blast for Your

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