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How to Extend the Life of Your RV Awning

If you spend much time traveling in your RV, you know that constant repairs and replacements can get expensive. A cheap or poorly-maintained RV awning will need regular replacing. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your RV awning by utilizing the following checklist. 6 Tips for Awning Care 1. Inspect your awning regularly. Routine

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Which RV Awning Type is Best for Your Camper?

Investing in a quality awning is important for both the comfort and functionality of your RV. However, before you can know which RV awning type best fits your needs, you need to have a basic understanding of the different styles and fabrics available. RV Awning Types There are several different styles of awnings available for

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How to Stop That Awful Wind Noise

Are you losing sleep over a noisy awning? Is the wind causing undo wear and tear on your awning fabric? When the awning tension is not correct,  wind can move it up and down creating both wind noise and awning damage. Fortunately, the solution to the problem of  a noisy awning is pretty simple. How

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Awning Tension

How to Keep Water from Pooling in Your Awning

If you have ever experienced saggy, water-filled awnings on your RV, you know how frustrating the problem can be. Fortunately, there are both answers and solutions to the issue. What Causes Water Pooling Problems? There are several factors that might cause issues in your slide out awning, including the following. 1. Poor Tension Awnings rely

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A Checklist for Proper Awning Maintenance

Do you have a checklist for maintaining your RV awnings  Most mobile home owners overlook the importance of having a cleaning routine, but proper care and maintenance are vital to a long-lasting awning. Checklist for RV Awning Maintenance. Observe the following tips before and after every trip to keep your awning in great shape. 1. Know

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boondocking by the ocean

What Is Boondocking?

If you’ve been hanging around the RV world, you may have heard the term boondocking thrown around. It sounds exotic… but what exactly does it mean to go boondocking? Let’s take a look… Boondocking vs Dry Camping Many people confuse boondocking with dry camping, which is camping without hookups for water, sewage, etc. Simply put,

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