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Should You Paint or Wallpaper Your RV?

It is important to decorate your RV exactly the way you want it. After all, your biggest means of adventure should reflect your adventurous spirit. Although a complete renovation of your RV is not entirely necessary, changing things up with new paint or wallpaper can go a long way. This begs the question, should you paint or wallpaper your RV?

Benefits of Painting Your RV

Now, the advantages of disadvantages of painting your RV primarily depend on what type of paint you use, how much of the RV you intend to paint, etc. Naturally, only you can decide whether painting or wallpapering is better for you personally. However, generally speaking, painting benefits include the following.

  • Affordable

Of course, there is an exception to every rule. Some wallpapers are cheap, and some paints are expensive. However, for the most part, regular paint is quite affordable, especially in an area as small as an RV.

  • Easy to Paint Over Later

If you decide you want to switch things up later, painting over your current paint is easy. No removal required!

  • Easy to Customize

What if you want to have mostly white walls and one blue wall? Well, you can do that in an afternoon. Painting patterns or “statement” walls is a simple process.

Likewise, the disadvantages of painting your RV include the following:

  • Messy

Unfortunately, painting does get messy, especially in confined areas. Be careful to cover your furniture and lay out sheets to catch any wayward paint drips.

  • Difficult to Get Creative

Now, you can paint patterns and murals. However, more complicated designs (such as brick imitation) are a little more time-consuming and difficult.

  • Heavy Fumes

Since an RV is usually a tighter area, you might notice a fume headache kicking in quickly after you begin painting. Be sure to ventilate the RV well.

Benefits of Wallpapering Your RV

An important thing to keep in mind regarding wallpaper is that there are many different types. Traditional wallpaper is cheaper than paint but is a lot more difficult to work with, especially in small areas. While you can use traditional wallpaper in your RV, here we are primarily talking about stick-on wallpaper. Stick-on wallpaper is exactly what it sounds like. You peel it, stick it, and then cleanly remove it when you are done with it. The benefits of this type of wallpaper include the following.

  • Mess-Free

If you decide to go a less traditional route, wallpapering is a clean, easy process. No ugly fumes or messy drips!

  • Stylistic Freedom

Wallpaper comes in countless designs and patterns, making it easy to replicate brickwork, floral patterns, stripes, marble, or whatever else reflects your RV’s “theme.”

  • Durable

Wallpaper is naturally long-lasting and durable, making it perfect for long-distance traveling.

Just like painting, wallpapering has its disadvantages as well.

  • More Expensive

Again, wallpaper doesn’t have to be expensive. It merely depends on what type you buy. However, sticky wallpaper does tend to cost more than paint.

  • Can be Difficult to Remove

Unless your wallpaper brand specifies easy peel-off, it might be a little difficult to remove should you decide to switch things up later. Remember that painting over wallpaper is not recommended.

  • Must be Cut Perfectly

Everyone’s least favorite part about wallpapering is cutting it to match curves and corners. However, if you are only using wallpaper for a statement wall, the result might be worth the process.

Other Ways to Improve Your RV

On top of painting or wallpapering your RV, you can also improve the space by keeping it free of clutter, maintaining the mechanical aspect of it, and investing in RV accessories. The most important thing is that your RV is comfortable and functional. A stylish appearance is the icing on the cake!

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