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How to Organize Your Vacation

Vacations are presumably a time to step away from the busyness of life and enjoy rest and relaxation. However, when travelers fail to plan and prepare effectively for their trip, a vacation can be much more stressful than the day-to-day. Learn how to organize your vacation and create an unforgettable trip.

What Happens when Travelers “Wing it?”

While there is a lot to be said for spontaneity and flexibility, flying by the seat of your pants isn’t always the best idea. Detours and missed activities can lead to frustration, and both can easily be avoided with proper preparation. Nothing is more aggravating than leaving something at home which has to be bought abroad and puts a dent in the vacation budget. Take the time to organize your travel plans beforehand to save you wasted time and frustration in the long run.

Tips to Organize Your Vacation

1. Keep a travel checklist.

Simple though they seem, checklists are a functional, practical way to keep things in order for your vacation. Have a checklist for packing for each person who will be traveling. It is also helpful to create a checklist with a tentative itinerary. Although not every item may be accomplished, it’s helpful to have a guide for how time will be spent.

2. Research your destination.

Check into museums, parks, and restaurants that you intend to visit prior to your trip. Consider the amenities of each, and look into any arrangements (tickets, reservations, etc.) that may need to be made ahead of time. Also, take some time to read reviews, you may find that there are places you’d rather avoid, or somewhere surprising you’d like to visit.

3. Clean your car (or RV) before you leave.

There are few things more irritating than trying to pack luggage and travel necessities into a vehicle that is already disorganized and filled with last week’s drive-thru trash. Take the time to be sure trash is cleaned out prior to packing for your trip. In an RV, go through each storage space to make sure your supplies are stocked and organized for ease of use while you travel.

4. Pack efficiently (capsule wardrobe, multi-purpose items, etc.).

Don’t overpack. Taking too much on a trip can be overwhelming and create more headaches than help.

5. Create a travel schedule.

Before departure, determine the times and places you intend to stop. If you will be stopping somewhere like a restaurant or museum, check the business hours to avoid fruitless stops.

6. Pack a bag of “essentials” and keep it close by.

Keep your packing organized. Anything that you will need on the road, pack separately from the rest of your luggage for easy access.

7. Clean your home before you leave.

Returning to a disorganized and dirty house will undo any relaxation you got while on your trip. Before you leave, make sure that your house is neat and tidy so you can return to a restful home.

8. Don’t put off unpacking.

The quicker you unpack your travel gear, the less overwhelming the task.

How Else Can Your Organize Your Vacation?

Consider any accessories that will make your trip more enjoyable and prevent aggravation along the way. For an RV, an awning can be an easy way to make the time spent outdoors more relaxing and enjoyable.

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