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Getting Your RV Ready for Travel Season

Travel season is upon us, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to prepare your RV! Proper RV maintenance and preparation is vital to a safe, successful trip. If you aren’t sure how to get your RV ready for travel season, read our helpful guide.

When is the Best Time to Travel?

Spring is known as “travel season” because it is typically the most popular month to travel in. The sun begins to shine, the weather starts to warm up, and the desire to get out of the house (or the office) becomes almost overwhelming. However, just spring and summer are the most popular traveling months doesn’t mean you can’t adventure during the rest of the year.
Even if you decide to take a trip in the fall or the winter, make sure you inspect and prepare your RV every trip. Try to clean it thoroughly after every long trip, and examine equipment regularly. This keeps you safe as you travel.

Tips for Getting Ready for Travel Season

Before you get on the road, it is important to make sure everything is clean, functioning, and in place. To ensure your safety, follow these tips for getting ready for the travel season.

1. Check your tire pressure.

First things first. Check your fuel level and tire pressure. RVs have a lot of weight to carry, so it is important to make sure everything is balanced.

2. Change filters.

In the case of your fuel filter, you should change it every 1,5000 miles or at least once a year. Change your engine filter regularly as well.

3. Inspect the slide-out and awning.

There is nothing worse than getting on the road and realizing an RV features needs repairs. Examine your slide-out to make sure it’s sliding, sealing, and doesn’t need any lubrication. Likewise, an RV awning provides protection from rain, wind, and sun, but only if it isn’t torn. A quick inspection before the trip can save you an unpleasant surprise later.

4. Examine the heater and appliances.

Take care to check your heater and kitchen appliances for signs of debris or rust.

5. Look for battery discharge.

During long periods of storage, batteries can begin to drip fluid. If you aren’t sure whether or not your battery fluid is low or safe to use, call a professional to recharge or replace it.

6. Inspect the tanks.

Your holding tanks need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly, while your propane tanks must be checked for leaks. Neglecting to examine your tanks can result in not only expensive problems, but also dangerous problems.

7. Give everything a good cleaning.

After sitting in storage for so many months, your RV could use a little TLC. Clean and sanitize the inside, give the awning and tires a good scrub, and air everything out.

8. Invest in travel accessories.

Travel accessories can turn a good trip into a great one. Misting systems and awnings are particularly helpful during the warm, sunny months.

Other Ways to Enjoy Travel Season

Inspecting your RV is only the beginning of the experience. To maximize your adventure, apply these suggestions as well.

1. Bring some friends along.

Stepping away from the demands of life is great, and sometimes it’s even better with friends. While you might prefer to take a trip alone, a few close friends will likely enhance your trip.

2. Leave work behind.

If the purpose of your RV trip is to refresh yourself, don’t bring along work or daily responsibilities. Instead, finish necessary tasks beforehand so that you enjoy your trip uninterrupted.

3. Plan and budget.

The easiest way to plan and budget is to decide ahead of time how many trips you will take this travel season. Will you take one long vacation or several weekend trips? Once you’ve developed a travel plan, you can decide how and where you would like to spend your money.

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