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What To Look For In Awning Replacement Fabric

Awnings are a great addition to your RV. The ability to set up camp and sit under the shade while driving across the country shouldn’t be taken for granted. However, over time your RV awning will become worn from exposure and use. When it’s time to select an awning replacement fabric, the choice can be difficult.

Knowing what sets one fabric apart from another isn’t exactly common knowledge, even to those who own RVs. However, there are a few specifics you should know when choosing a fabric. Here’s what to look for in awning replacement fabric!


When choosing an awning fabric, avoid cheap-looking (often very inexpensive) fabrics. While you may save a buck upfront, these cheap fabrics are often poorly made and need to be replaced frequently. 

Instead, look for quality fabrics that look good and well-made. High-quality vinyl or acrylic are both great options for your awning replacement. Consider looking into these great choices and enjoy boasting an RV awning that’s not only functional but looks great too!


While awning fabric will inevitably deteriorate over time, some replacement fabrics fade faster than others. The quality of the material plays a part, but the material itself is also an important factor to consider. 

Consider the elements that your awning will be exposed to. Do you live in a wet climate that gets lots of rain? Or do you live in a dry climate that has brutal heat? 

Consider acrylic fabric as a great option for either of the above climates as it’s a light, woven fabric that can withstand the heat all year long. However, depending on where you live and what the weather is like, you may need to look into more options. Do some research or ask a veteran RV driver near you!


While this isn’t necessarily the most important aspect, it’s still important and fun. While RV awnings should always be functional before anything else, try to find one that can be customized to match your RV. whether it’s a specialty print to match your quirky personality, or a subtle color that matches your RV’s aesthetic, try to find an awning material that comes in a color or pattern that matches the rest of your decor. 

If you’ve never had to replace your awning fabric before, it can feel a little overwhelming at first. Consider reaching out to an RV expert for help on finding and installing your new RV awning fabric. 

We Can Help You!

RV Awnings specializes in making awning fabric of the highest standard and offers a variety of options. If you have any further questions or would like to order replacement fabric for your awning, call us today.

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