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Top 5 Winter RV Destinations

Just because it is winter, that does not mean you have to retire from camping. There are plenty of places out there that will provide you with everything you need to enjoy yourself in nature despite the cold weather. Here are the top 5 winter RV destinations!

1. Sunset Bay State Park, Oregon

This campground is located on the Central Oregon Coast. It has earned some excellent reviews for its gorgeous scenery and hiking spots. On top of that, there is a beach you can go to for ocean gazing only a few steps away. Sunset Bay State Park offers its visitors some winter weather while balancing comfortability. You will want to be outside when you are at this state park.

2. Wasatch Mountain State Park, Utah

If you want an RV trip that is going to let you bask in the snow, then consider Wasatch Mountain State Park. Located right outside Salt Lake City, this park will give you an all-around pleasant winter experience. Some of the onsite attractions include; skiing, snowshoeing, and an Olympic facility.

3. Crooked River State Park, Georgia

Crooked River State Park is a great place to get away from the winter. Located in St. Marys, Georgia, this park resides right on the coast. Crooked River is 500 acres and has all the hookups and facilities you will ever need. If you find that you want to experience an early spring season, then this is the place for you!

4. Carolina Beach State Park Campground, North Carolina

Carolina Beach State Park, is the perfect balance between winter and summer activities. You will be fishing during the day and lighting a campfire at night when you stay here. The park includes hiking trails worth exploring for hours at a time. If you are not sure where to go this winter, Carolina Beach has got you covered.

5. Hyde Memorial State Park, New Mexico

Hyde Memorial State Park is built for campers who are looking for a winter camping experience. The temperature is bearable, but you are going to notice some snow on the ground while you are there. The campground features hookups and yurts that will accommodate and keep you comfortable.

Preparing your RV for the Winter

Before setting off for one of these winter RV destinations, you need to make sure that your RV is fully prepared for the frigid weather. Traveling during the summer is a lot different than the winter. Going unprepared on a camping trip can leave you in a world of hurt. You should first invest in heaters, winter apparel, an insulated tent, etc.

If you have not yet, you should invest in an RV awning for your vehicle. They come in handy during winter trips as they protect you from incoming flurries. Spending time outside is a big part of camping; however, when you have no protection from the elements, you are going to have a lot of trouble doing so. An RV awning is an affordable and easy way to address this issue!

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