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Top 5 RV Accessories

Your RV is essentially your home on wheels while you are out camping. A home should provide comfort, and adding accessories to your RV before taking off for a trip will accomplish just that. Here are the top 5 RV accessories that you can add to your vehicle!

1. Surge Protector

Campground electric surges are a common occurrence. In the event of a surge, your electronic devices risk getting fried with any form of protection. A surge protector could keep your RV from falling victim to one of these events. On top of their usefulness, surge protectors run relatively cheap. There is little to no reason to have a surge protector.

2. Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator, much like its name implies, regulates the pressure of water. It only takes one instance of your campground’s water pressure being out of whack for it to burst your lines. By overlooking your RV’s water pressure, you are essentially setting it up to be flooded. Investing in a water pressure regulator is a quick and cheap way to give your vehicle some extra security.

3. RV Water Filters

It is no secret that the water you will be drinking on your road trips will be less than ideal. Sediments and particles tend to get into campground water. Being able to monitor what you are putting into your body is imperative if you want to stay healthy on your camping trips. A water filter is going to do that monitoring for you with next to no effort required.

4. Levelers and Chocks

Levelers and chocks are both a necessary addition to your RV’s accessory catalog. If you are planning on staying anywhere where the ground is uneven, then you are going to encounter a world of trouble without these devices. Levelers are used to keep your RV standing stable and upright even when the ground dips. Chocks are set up behind the wheels, and they are used to keep your vehicle from rolling away. Even if you are staying in a spot that you are sure is flat, you should still take your levelers and chocks. You never know what you are dealing with until you see it in person so it is better to be safe than sorry.

5. RV Awning

An RV awning’s benefits demand that you add one to your vehicle ASAP! The fabric that rests overhead will provide you shelter from the sun and the rain. With an RV awning, you will not have to stay cooped up in your vehicle even when the weather is not ideal. RV awnings are easy to set up and put away, unlike a standalone canopy. Chances are you will have your hands full with setting up and taking down other things while camping. Constantly having to deal with a canopy can quickly cause it to lose its luxury. RV awnings offer you all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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