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RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric



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Camel Fade

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RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric

(746 customer reviews)



5 star reviews

Free Shipping


Free Shipping

  • Strongest, longest-lasting awning vinyl you can buy: 4 Ply Tough 15 oz vinyl with 16 oz white vinyl weather guard
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Canopy-valance Weather Guard, two-piece design for better protection
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 95% UV Block
  • Working Temperature 0°F – 182°F
  • Flame Retardent
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Fits the Carefree, Dometic (A&E), Lippert and Carter awnings
  • 90 Day Money Back Policy
  • Located in the USA
  • Convenient Customer Support
  • Strongest, longest-lasting awning vinyl you can buy: 4 Ply Tough 15 oz vinyl with 16 oz white vinyl weather guard
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Canopy-valance Weather Guard, two-piece design for better protection
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 95% UV Block
  • Working Temperature 0°F – 182°F
  • Flame Retardent
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Fits the Carefree, Dometic (A&E), Lippert and Carter awnings
  • 90 Day Money Back Policy
  • Located in the USA
  • Convenient Customer Support

This brand new Patio Awning Replacement Fabric is a canopy-valance one-piece design and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 8′ to 22′. This canopy replacement is designed to fit the Carefree, Dometic (A&E), and Carter awnings.

Please add a note in the order note section if your awning is a Carter awning.

Please note the following:

  • The valance has a straight edge.
  • Our fabrics do not fit Faulkner awnings.
  • To make sure our fabric fits your awning, check your awning roller profile. If your awning roller has three grooves and the opening of each groove is 5/32″ or less, you can use our fabric.

How do you know which size awning fabric to order?

The size of your replacement awning fabric is the measurement from the center of one awning arm to the center of the other arm. If the distance is 16 ft between the arms, then you would order the 16 ft fabric. The actual measurement will be about 10 inches less to fit within the space.

We make our canopy replacements from 15 oz vinyl with a 16 oz white vinyl weather guard. The tensile strength of the material is 140 lbs per square inch. The canopy comes completely finished with hemmed edges and cord sewed in, along with a new Pull Strap. An installation tool is also included. The combination of these aspects equals the strongest fabric on the market with an appearance that matches.

How do you know which size awning fabric to order?

The size of your replacement awning fabric is the measurement from the center of one awning arm to the center of the other arm. If the distance is 16 ft between the arms, then you would order the 16 ft fabric. The actual measurement will be about 10 inches less to fit within the space.

Customer Satisfaction is our Goal and we offer the following:

Please refer to our support drop-down for more information on questions such as our warranty policy, shipping charges, and more.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Awning Fabric Colors

Checkered, Ocean Blue Fade, Burgundy Fade, Camel Fade, Grey Fade, Teal-Green Stripe, Brown Stripe

Awning Fabric Sizes

8' (Approx Width 7'2"), 9' (Approx Width 8'2"), 10' (Approx Width 9'2"), 11' (Approx Width 10'2"), 12' (Approx Width 11'2"), 13' (Approx Width 12'2"), 14' (Approx Width 13'2"), 15' (Approx Width 14'2"), 16' (Approx Width 15'2"), 17' (Approx Width 16'2"), 18' (Approx Width 17'2"), 19' (Approx Width 18'2"), 20' (Approx Width 19'2"), 21' (Approx Width 20'2"), 22' (Approx Width 21'2")

746 reviews for RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric

  1. Brandon Breaud (verified owner)

    Great price for what seems to be a really quality replacement fabric. I ordered the 17 foot and it fit prefect. I followed the instructions on the web site everything went great. I would highly recommend!

  2. Billy Kay (verified owner)

    I have the awning installed now and overall it went well. Mine was 21′ wide and my only suggestion is to buy the installation tool and be sure to have some silicone spray to lube the fold where the plastic rod goes. This is the second awning I have replaced and the first one was $100 more but the awning came with the second rod sewn in. This one requires the installer to push the awning fabric down into the groove on the awning roller itself then insert the plastic rod the full lenght of the awning. This is where the installation tool would be handy. I used a small plastic putty knife but a wheel would be much better. The fabric feels of good weight and overall seems to be good quality.

  3. perfectiondave1 (verified owner)

    Quick delivery very nice fabric very easy to install fits perfect very satisfied with my purchase.

  4. Melissa (verified owner)

    Very happy with my replacement awning and very fast shipping.

  5. Johnny

    I haven’t installed the awning yet, but I did check it out and it looks like a better grade than what it originally came with. This is for the slide out.

  6. karen duncan

    I only ordered the awning repair tape. Seems to be holding for what I needed it for.

  7. Lester Nelson (verified owner)

    Service remarkable. Order in AM, Delivery the next day in AM. Have not opened package yet. My trailer is permanently located at a Camp
    ground which opens on The 1St oy may. Will inspect package when Camp Ground Opens.

  8. Tom

    worked great…

  9. Harless Greear (verified owner)

    quick shipping and was easy to install… I did it 95% by myself and it seems great and I’m ready to go…

  10. bpsevin (verified owner)

    We installed our new awning today and it is great! The fabriic is a very high quality cover. It was very easy with the included items to do the install. Very knowledgeable and responsive team here at answering any questions you may have. Product Quality,Price,Shipping and Customer Service is exceptional!

  11. Chad wilson (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price. Seams to be made good. I agree with silicon spray mite help when adding second strip in the seam. I used soap and water and got the job done. I used plastic putty knife also. A screen door roller would of been better. Make sure you have I helper.

  12. James (verified owner)

    Ordered this awning on blind faith having zero problem experience with the company and I was not disappointed. Shipped almost right away and arrived within a week. The measurements were dead on accurate. The material feels heavy enough to last fo years. I will definitely order my next awning from them again.

  13. Gaylen Benson (verified owner)

    Great product! Thanks for including the hand tool. My wife and I installed in 1.5 hours. Didn’t even need the pull strap!!

  14. Randy Whiting (verified owner)

    Easy instructions for measuring for order, Fairly quick shipping, Fits like a glove and looks great!

  15. Carl demers (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure working with you great quality product thank you.

  16. Dk Collier (verified owner)

    I am 100% satisifed in all aspects of my new awning. Great price fast shipping and easy intallation. What else can be done to me me happy, maybe a bottle of JW blue inside the box.

  17. Robert L Blackburn

    My order was extremely small….just $6.95….but, as advertised, shipping was free. I sincerely appreciate this sand if I’m ever in need of any product associated with the awnings on my RV, I will check here first.

  18. Carson Freckleton (verified owner)

    Great awning for a great price! This was easy to replace with my wife. We didn’t buy the tool but used a flat head screwdriver and a towel over it to push the material in place. The only issue I had was putting the strap in place but we figured it out. This was far more affordable than any other replacement fabric.

  19. Lynn (verified owner)

    Great product. Installation was easy. Used window screen roller to get fabric in roller groove.

  20. Willard Pusey

    Good price. Had nice slide out awning in 2 days. I followed install instructions. job done in less then 8min. I would highly recommend.

  21. H C Linsenbigler (verified owner)

    My 17ft. awning fit and applied great. My only complaint is I did not receive an e-mail informing the shipment and arrival date. I am happy with my awning.

  22. John Ottinger (verified owner)

    this was a 2 man job and went easy. We will see how well this lasts.

  23. t kredo (verified owner)

    I ordered an 11′, Ocean Blue Fade fabric to replace my original fabric. I did not need the installation tool, used to push the fabric into the groove in the awning roller, I simply used my plastic roller that I use for replacing window screens. The quality of material and workmanship is excellent. I had no problems installing the awning by myself. I purchased this awning based on comparing material weighs of other fabrics. After receiving the fabric, I read several reviews and discovered that this product is rated among the top three. I will highly recommend this product to my family and friends.

  24. Rick W (verified owner)

    Awesome very easy to use product one of the awnings order got lost they were quick to get the new one to me awesome company good brother keep up the good work

  25. Ferrari Dan (verified owner)

    I love it. It’s perfect. Looks great on my RV. Thank you

  26. Ricky (verified owner)

    Got it in 4 days installed it in 30 minutes very easy would highly recommend this canvas

  27. Pat Seidner (verified owner)

    Good price fast delivery was easy to install, looked better then original the old Tom cat and I love being under it drinking our morning coffie, glad I found there web site

  28. Cindy Johnson (verified owner)

    Quick order, Quick delivery and extremely Quick installation. We love the Color also, faded burgandy. Thank you so much

  29. Clyde price (verified owner)

    I was really satisfied with the awning price and cost of delivery, I will recommend you to anyone looking for awnings or related parts. Really appreciate the promptness of my order. Thank you very much

  30. Phil (verified owner)

    Great awning thick vinyl somewhat simple install but looks great As super fast shipping

  31. Amanda (verified owner)

    High quality fabric!! Very fast shipping. Cost effective. Thank you.

  32. David Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I have installed my new awning. The fabric seems to be of a quality weight. I think it would be helpful if there was a prompt on the purchase page to buy the installment tool when purchasing the awning or maybe just include it with the purchase. I did not realize I would need that item until I started the install and realized that the awning bead was not sewn into the fabric. Additionally, had I known that the awning bead was not sewn into the fabric, I would have probably spent a little more and purchased one with both the awning and valance beads sewn in. My awning is a 12′ Dometic 8500 and after I installed the fabric, I discovered that the length is about 6″ too long. When I extend the awning all the way out so that the valance hangs down, the brace rods extend beyond their full length. It took me quite a while to get them back together. That having been said, I am not unhappy with the new awning. If you want an inexpensive replacement fabric and are not averse to spending the extra time to push the extra bead in place, it is a nice awning.

  33. Frank Butler (verified owner)

    Very happy with our fabric for our awning. Came early and very easy to install.

  34. hondariderex (verified owner)

    We ordered this new awning 2 months ago and finally put it on last night! We got the 18ft grey one. Our first camper ever and we managed to change the awning ourself!!! We found an easy video on YouTube where you leave the awning arms attached to the camper! It took an hour and a half and saved a bunch of money!!!!! Thank you!

  35. John (verified owner)

    This awning is very nice!!! Especially for the price point. I dont have anything to compare it to other than the tattered original fabric. We bought the 12′ grey and it fits perfect. What we did for the second cord installation was to run a screen roller and push the fabric into the groove. Then, we pushed the cord in from the side and it slid in all the way. Only got snagged slightly on the stitching on each end. With a very tiny screwdriver we were able to get the tip of the cord to pass over the stitch and the cord went easy to the other end. The carefree awning needed 14 rotations to wind back up.

  36. Kathlene Hatfield (verified owner)

    I found the web sight informative and accurate. The awning material replacement was easy to identify and order. The price was absolutely amazing with shipping included in the cost. I had my order within three days and it was easily installed, and fits exactly as it should. I would not hesitate to buy from here!
    I highly recommend this vendor.

  37. Lloyd Miller

    Best pricing, quality product, fast shipping… couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks!



  39. Pappy Dripps (verified owner)

    By far yhis has to be one of the best priced awning company …once your on their site thwres no reason to go anywhere else ..shipping….let me tell you about their shipping..its free thats right free and OMG I ordered it on saturday and it was sitting on my porch 4 days later. I will tell you , i will use them again.i will recommend. And already have told many more of my camping friends that needed anew awning ..thank you here at rvawningsmart for a job well done…

  40. Pappy Dripps (verified owner)

    By far this has to be one of the best priced awning company …once your on their site theres no reason to go anywhere else ..shipping….let me tell you about their shipping..its free thats right free and OMG I ordered it on saturday and it was sitting on my porch 4 days later. I will tell you , i will use them again.i will recommend. And already have told many more of my camping friends that needed anew awning ..thank you here at rvawningsmart for a job well done…

  41. David Schmidtman (verified owner)

    Good product, accurate size, fast shipping a little lighter material than original awning but for the price its great.

  42. Jimmy Williams (verified owner)

    This is a great product, priced right not to hard to install. Fast service, easy website to use.

  43. Gary Haverland

    Great service, Great quality product and great prices. Would and will recommend

  44. Donnie Jones (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, Excellent fast shipping…. Definitely will order again + other parts as needed…. Thanks a ton!

  45. Jim Bennett

    Ordered a replacement awning fabric. After installing I noticed it had 3 pin holes in it ,not very happy ,don’t think it will last

  46. Gary Lloyd Arledge (verified owner)

    I was very happy with the Web site the awning came to me in 4 days in a small box I was expecting a box as long as my awning. I didn’t know what to expect from 16 lb fabric but it was plenty heavy and we’ll made. I watched the video on you tube to replace and it was as easy as it looked just get a couple buddy’s to help and you will be done faster than taking your camper some place to pay to get it done.

  47. Randy (verified owner)

    Ordered and received my awning replacement fabric within 24 hrs. Was extremely pleased with everything. Quality is much better than the original material. Fit is perfect Very pleased

  48. Joseph Goode (verified owner)

    My wife and I did this by ourselves. Would not recommend it. You really need a third person. Awning arrived in 2 days. Quality material and workmanship. Will use this company for replacement of our awnings over our slide outside when the time comes.

  49. Tim Chiles (verified owner)

    Exact colors we needed, arrived on time, good quality we love it!

  50. Heather (verified owner)

    The awning fabric feels like it is great quality. My only reason for giving 3 stars is, I ordered a 16’ and I am thinking we got a 14’. Unfortunately we were going camping the weekend we received it so we had to make due. Hopefully when we purchase another fabric we will have the right size.

  51. B (verified owner)

    2nd time using this company. This time for a bigger awning. Fabric is high quality and proper size. Can’t find a better price anywhere. Shipping is always quick.

  52. Derrick (verified owner)

    Just installed the new awning and it looks great. Awning seems to be of high quality and feels durable. Took about 3 hours start to finish I’m sure it would have gone faster if this was not the first time I replaced an awning, not a terrible job to do yourself. I would recommend this product.

  53. Wendy

    we ordered the rod to open awning…came fast! Just what we needed. Very good service!!!

  54. Tara (verified owner)

    Outstanding service. Highly recommend. Took me and the hubby a couple of hrs to install. 3 people would have made it a little easier ?. Nice quality fabric fits perfectly.

  55. Dan Spence

    Arrived within 48 hours. Very satisfied with quality and price. Size is exactly as the old one. Highly recommend.

  56. John Boyd

    Great price and extremely fast shipment. It was very easy to trim 18″ off to fit the slide-out.

  57. Tina Holgate (verified owner)

    Awning looked great! Price was great! When sliding awning in place, was there to be a grey tube for the fabric. We pulled one out of our previous awning to hold the fabric in place.

  58. Rich (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping, I had a third party come and install it and everything fit perfect, no complaints.

  59. Dyanna Lam (verified owner)

    We got exactly what we order. The canvas is perfect. After watching a video it went on just fine.

  60. Stan D (verified owner)

    Good quality vinyl at a good price. In an age where substandard customer service seems to have sadly become the norm with many companies, these guys know how to run a business, reply to customer inquiries, and ship on time. Multiple purchases from this vendor over past several years. Thank you…

  61. Matthew Shea (verified owner)

    Awesome! The fit and color is perfect my wife and I are very happy with this product it took us about 2 hours to install. For those that don’t buy the tool I used a credit card to install the string in the groove!

  62. Nick Gilliam (verified owner)

    Nice Priced Awning and Fast Shipping !!

  63. Neil (verified owner)

    Fabric is a direct replacement or better than OEM. Very easy to install. Like others I strongly recommend silicone spray and a putty knife or installation tool (same tool to push in screen spline you can get at any hardware store). Not sure how it will hold up over the years since we just installed it, but I would be surprised if it doesn’t outlast the OEM product. Time will tell. Order process and delivery were easy and quick. I’m glad I found this product.

  64. Bill McNamara (verified owner)

    Super easy to replace and took less than an hour. Highly recommended.

  65. Niles McDonald

    received awning on date as noted. I cut to length and installed product. it appears to be a quality product.

  66. Stephen Nixon (verified owner)

    I was disappointed to find out that the second plastic rod was not sewn in. We got the job done by using a screen rolled and spending more time than I anticipated. Otherwise, it seem like a nice awning.

  67. Therman Martin (verified owner)

    Delivery was only 3 days, fabric was identical replacement, and change-out only took appx. 3 hours.

  68. Herby Helbert (verified owner)

    great price fast shipping I would highly recommend .

  69. Dr. Clay Gormish (verified owner)

    Nice thick material, easy to install, fit was excellent. The only problem was that the UPS truck must have run it over before they delivered, as the package had a huge rub mark and the awning had 8 little holes that we didn’t notice until it was fully installed. Called RVawningmart and spoke with Amanda, sent her pictures of the damage, and a replacement arrived a few days later. Awesome customer service!

  70. Paul Roslan (verified owner)

    This will be the first awning I have replaced so I can only compare it to the original. This seems very well made and was delivered quickly. So far I am happy with this purchase.

  71. Allen (verified owner)

    Great product and pricing quality products this is my second time ordering my first lasted 5 years and although it faded some it still is in good shape I just wanted to change the color and make it look new again thanks awning mart for a great product again

  72. Les Johnson (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality Awning. Material as heavy or heavier than the original. Installation was easy, following the you tube video. Shipping was fast. Highly recommend.

  73. Dennis Lannerd (verified owner)

    Received my awning on expected date and package was not damaged.
    Was not too difficult to install for 2 people, 3 would have been better…lol.
    It was everything I expected and is a very good looking awning.
    I would definitely buy from you again if the need arises, good product and the price is good.
    Thank you.

  74. Magen bell (verified owner)

    The awning shipped quick and was fairly easy to install. We have used it twice with no issues. Good quality. Happy Customer!

  75. todd Popovich (verified owner)

    great price. 21 foot fit good. it would be alot better,easier if the second rod was already in the fabric

  76. Julie McLain (verified owner)

    Fast response and shipping was immediate! Ordered just before memorial day, the holiday didn’t delay them filling the order one bit. The quality was extremely better than the camper repair man put on years earlier! Matched perfectly too. Very satisfied, highly recommend this company!

  77. Charlene

    Great price for really quality replacement fabric. I ordered the 17 foot and it fit prefect. Installation was easy and quick. I would highly recommend!
    thank you for providing quality product for a reasonable cost!

  78. Greg Czyrnik (verified owner)

    Great quality fabric. Fits perfectly. The only suggesting would be sew the bead and have the plastic tube already installed on the awning for it to slide in the tube a lot easier

  79. Lafountain (verified owner)

    Great price & received it within two days. Thanks

  80. Mobile RV Service Center LLC (verified owner)

    I was reluctant to find RV Awnings Mart. My customers love the affordability of these products and we love the turn around time to receive them. I have yet to have a customer bring it back to me due to a flaw in the fabric! I have been using RV Awnings mart for three years now and never plan on leaving their customer base!

  81. Darrell McDonald (verified owner)

    I cut two groove openings in my spring housing making installation easier. I also treated the top part with a good UV protectant which will prolong the life of the material. This is similar to treating an automobile vinyl top. The awning is very good looking. My friends in my Bluegrass Music camping circle will be very interested in this product.

  82. David Lewallen (verified owner)

    Great price for a quality replacement fabric. I ordered the 20′ fabric and it fit prefect. Followed the instructions on the web site, everything went great. I highly recommend the product line and would purchase again!

  83. Mike Booke (verified owner)

    Had a seam issue with my new fabric sent them the photos .The new replacement was sent out the same day.In this world of poor customer service this is exceptional.Have and will recommend this product. The lady on the phone was prompt and courteous. Thank you.

  84. Emmett C. (verified owner)

    Finally got my Replacement Awning put on the Camper. Love The color we selected. For the price the Awning seems to be made very well.

  85. Nate (verified owner)

    High quality material for half the price of other places that I found online. I ordered the replacement awning on a Monday and received it the next day. Great communication from the company through the whole process.

    Time will tell about the durability of the product, but like I said, it feels very high quality.

  86. John Howland (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Great quality. This is the second one that I have replaced.

  87. d bauder (verified owner)

    Very happy with my replacement awning and very fast shipping.

  88. S lebrecht

    Quickest service I have ever seen. Great to do business with.

  89. Dustin (verified owner)

    I have ordered many replacement fabrics and they are great quality and the turnaround shipping time is very prompt. Would recommend

  90. Roxane (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, great price, good quality and fairly easy to install. Happy camper!!

  91. Joanne Toomey (verified owner)

    Just back from our first trip with the new awning. And a rainy trip it was, but we were nice and dry under our new awning. The install was a breeze my suggestion for installing the rod is soapy water in the groove!

  92. Dana Taylor (verified owner)


  93. Edward Vaca (verified owner)

    Arrived within a few days. Fit perfect. Nephew and I replaced in about an hour and a half. Looks great. Thank you

  94. Adam (verified owner)

    Very nice awning. Was easy to install. Looks great on are camper. Would of be nice if the plastic tube for the valance was already on the awning. The shipping was very fast.

  95. Tom Turci (verified owner)

    It was time to replace the old original awning. Mine was only a 13′ and installation was a breeze. Just take your time and use spray silicone to lube the awning when putting in the loose supplied awning plastic rod. Two people is a must. Gently taper the end of the rod prior so it can get past the seam at the end of its travel. I used a plastic squeegee (like one used to apply decals/or Bondo) to press the awning into the groove. Went nice and easy. Awning lined up great and seems to be nice quality. We will see how it holds up to the summer sun. Very happy with my purchase.

  96. Chuck H (verified owner)

    Fabric seems to be good quality, shipping was very fast. Installation guide on the website is good. Overall it wasn’t a very difficult project and I’m very pleased with the fabric.

  97. Lisa (verified owner)

    Good quality material! A lot easier to install than I anticipated!!!! Really don’t need the “tool” as the bead slide in very easy! I was surprised!

  98. Randy (verified owner)

    very fast delivery, instalation took just under 2 hours start to finish looks great. used it that weekend.

  99. robby B (verified owner)

    my wife and I installed our new cover in about 2 1/2 hours. It fit and looks great!

  100. Richard D Alvey (verified owner)

    Good response time from the company and awning was as described. I had a roller tool available and it was still hard to push the plastic rod into the groove. I ended up feeding the plastic rod in from the end with a little silicone spray to help and it went in quicker than trying to push it in with the tool.

  101. Adkins Family (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping. Product looks great! I highly recommend buying the tool that helps put the awning on. We bought it and it helped a lot!

  102. Jean-Paul R LaBounty ii (verified owner)

    first things first the price it is grate then the shipping it was fast the fabric came wrapped in plastic and in a cardboard box it came with a new pull handle and I was not aware that was included as well as extra retaining tubes it went together easy as 123 it took me and my wife about 2 hr. with removing the old one we let it sit open for 1 day to let the wrinkles stretch out and it looks grate I am taking it out this 4th weekend and I see how it holds up I would recommend it to anybody well done RV awnings mart you have a life time customer in me.

  103. Jim M. (verified owner)

    Hi quality awning for a great price too!

  104. Terri (verified owner)

    Exactly what we expected. Great customer service, too.
    Ordered on Saturday afternoon, got a confirming email that day. Received shipping notice (and tracking number) on Monday am, and the replacement fabric arrived before noon on Wednesday. Went up relatively easy with just two of us considering that we’re 70 and 68 years young, and it was 90 degrees with high humidity. I agree with others that silicone spray is a mus, and a window screen tool works just fine. Please so far with the results.

  105. CHRISTINE DELANEY (verified owner)

    Great price and quick delivery. Very easy to put on.

  106. Don

    Great product for the price. Fast shipping also

  107. Lisa K. Givens

    very happy with the product silicone spray-silicone spray-silicone spray you will definitely need that. very happy with the fabric.

  108. Richard LaQuerre (verified owner)

    I ordered 21 foot awning. It came promptly and the installation instructions made the job easy. Using installation tool and silicone makes the work go well. Awning fits and works like a charm. Very satisfied with the awning.

  109. Claus Theile (verified owner)

    Easy installation. Outgassing was not bad , slight smell was gone after a day. Shipping was extremely fast My only complaint is, that the strap is too short and will disappear when awning is rolled up. I had to tie another 6 inch strap to it

  110. Dennis MacKenzie (verified owner)

    Just as advertised. Was easy to install and looks great also. I would highly recommend.

  111. Cody H (verified owner)

    Exactly what I ordered fast ship time would recomend to anyone needing a great awning at an affordable price. I ordered the 17 foot and the comparable from Colorado awnings is triple the price for the same exact thing. Easy install and everything needed was in the box.

  112. Rose (verified owner)

    Very easy to install. Fabric was good quality. Prob Will purchase another in the future if need be.

  113. James Davis (verified owner)

    Exactly what I ordered,great price, just like original, easy to install, will use this company again.

  114. Adam mccoy (verified owner)

    Great price for a great product. Easy to install and it for perfect.

  115. TFC in Texas

    Purchased the awning for my room slider on my class A motor home. It arrived quickly and was very easy to install without needing tools. The material is of good quality and a solid weight. I will deal with this company again.

  116. Gary (verified owner)

    Fit perfect

  117. Steven Seaton (verified owner)

    I purchased this product and was extremely excited to get going on putting it on. I read the enclosed instructions followed by watching the tutorial on YouTube as suggested. The replacement awning fabric is of quality and looks fantastic. Upon removing my weathered and worn awning as well as watching the video I noticed that the new awning did not have what the video awning or mine old one had…. it was missing one of the seen in beads that helps secure the awning to the roller. The new awning only has on at each end. One large bead for the end that attaches to the trailer and one small bead that is closest to the valance. It is missing the bead that is sewn approximately 4” away from the valance that secures the awning to the roller. I’m hoping that this will suffice structurally securing it to the roller. If it doesn’t then I’ll have to go through the whole process again.

    P.S. my awning is an A&E Systems by Dometic that the new awning was supposed to be an exact replacement off.

    • Amanda (verified owner)

      Hello, there should have been an extra grey cord in the box that you use in the upper slot of the roller bar to secure the fabric. There should have also been a sheet of instructions showing how to install it. If not we can send both, just let us know.

  118. Gary Beggs (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery on 18′ Awning. Great installation instructions. Easy to install. Great price on Awning. Would buy this again here. Very Satisfied.

  119. Frank M

    Very difficult to install the second attachment cord after hours of pain I noticed a couple pin holes hope it lasts like grandma said you get what you pay for.

  120. Dillon P. (verified owner)

    Excellent product!! Great service! Awesome price! Incredible shipping! Great quality! Highly recommend!

  121. Jaydub (verified owner)

    Purchased a 16’ replacement awning fabric in gray fade. Quick delivery, great fit, quality fabric, great price. Thanks to the help of YouTube, we installed the new fabric in less than an hour. I will be a repeat customer for future needs.

  122. Brian (verified owner)

    Great awning fabric. Shipping was only a few days. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will be using them in the future.

  123. Belinda Moss (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, printed out the detailed instructions and they were great and easy to follow – thanks. Happy here in Texas. Awning looks great!

  124. Ricky Highsmith (verified owner)

    I bought the 17′ awning.The shipping was right on time with what they told me and they emailed the tracking number to me 30 minutes after I ordered it. I installed the awning myself with help and it went very well. I like the look of the awning. I changed to the gray and love it. The fit is perfect and fabric seems really good. I highly recommend RV awnings mart.

  125. Scott Black (verified owner)

    Nice replacement fabric, just wish it would have come with instructions. My original fabric had 3 beads and the replacement only had 2. I winged it and it worked great!

  126. John Altman (verified owner)

    Very nice. Thank you I thought the price was also reasonable

  127. Lee R. Chumbley (verified owner)

    I sent them 2 emails, with questions, got speedy replies and CORRECT answers.
    I ordered the 15′ awning and it was received in a very fast manner.
    I have not installed it yet, but, I see no issues in installation.
    Highly recommend company and awning to all!!

  128. tmater (verified owner)

    First of all, rvawningsmart.com was quick with delivery. Exceeded our expectations. Thanks!
    But the disappointments….
    – Maybe I overlooked it on the website, but didn’t realize the awning fabrics are made in China until we received it. I went back and searched the website after receiving. Still didn’t find this fact. I would prefer that rvawningsmart.com openly reveal this information so consumers could make a more informed decision.
    – Owned RVs with awnings for 30 years. This is the first awning I’ve had with a seam in it. Not sure I like that for longevity but only time will tell.
    – The website states what I ordered is replacement for A&E (Dometic) but it did not have the two sewn seams like the original Dometic. The one sewn seam on the replacement is supposed to fit in the valance groove on the tube and then you have to press the fabric into the awning groove on the tube, followed by the plastic cord. Not a fan of this design.
    – The distance on my replacement awning fabric from RV to tube is longer than my original, which places the release lever on the ratchet in a different position.
    So check into ALL details before ordering.

  129. Derrick T (verified owner)

    Looks Great have yet to install

  130. Anthony Gerich (verified owner)

    Very nice product good quality

  131. Laird Stinson (verified owner)

    Purchased an awning for our 18 year old travel trailer. Received it in four days and installed it in just a little time. The online instructions to help assist you in change it out were excellent! That idea about drilling out one of those slots and not taking the end apart on the retracting tube was a excellent idea. Highly recommend purchasing!

  132. Mary Cheeney (verified owner)

    Awning arrived quickly, I ordered additional assezsories that didnt come but after contacting company it was apparently lost in transit and they resent it.

  133. Dave Schaadt (verified owner)

    Had the OEM awning for almost 15 years, changed it out for a local Camping Store replacement and had them install it. The replacement lasted only about 2 years, basically not a quality brand or install. A friend recommended you and everything went very well, we installed it ourselves, it took three of us about 3 hours. So far we are very pleased with the results, looks to be quality materials. Thank you,

  134. Joshua Wingert (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping, good prices and great customer service. I would definitely buy from again for anything awning.

  135. Rhonda Salazar (verified owner)

    Came when it said,and I was happy with the quality of the fabric.it was very easy to install

  136. Bert Hanninen (verified owner)

    Waiting to put it on. I went to the dealer to get a new awning arm before I ordered my awning and I received my awning before the arm even though I ordered it after the awning arm. Awning does look high quality and the price was very low. I wish the dealer was as fast.

  137. Thomas VanDrunen (verified owner)

    Shipped and was received in a timely fashion. I had ordered the wrong color but called the site. The representative was pleasant and corrected the issue while I was on the phone. I received the shipment in short order. My wife and I changed the awning fabric our selves on a Sunday afternoon with out any issues.

  138. gene mcniel (verified owner)

    excellent material delivered fast and correct size. Would order again.

  139. Jim fultz (verified owner)

    quick Delivery installed it in 20 min. with 2 helpers very satisfied with the awning

  140. Ken

    The new Awning went on the roller easily. It replaced a fabric that was 27 years old. Retensioning took a couple of tries but the new fabric looks even stouter than the old one.

  141. Paul Cave (verified owner)

    I just installed my awning with the help of a friend. It is definitely a two person job. Overall the installation was not that difficult and took about two hours…this was my first time. I’m sure if I did it again I could cut the time in half. The awning is of good quality. As others have stated a roller is necessary to install the fiberglass rod into the roller groove. I used a screening tool which worked well.
    Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. Delivery was faster than I expected!

  142. Eric P. (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping! The Awning is a good heavy material East to install.

  143. Roger Brown (verified owner)

    I would recommend this awning to anyone needing a replacement, prompt shipping, excellent product, simple instructions on the slide in plastic rod, it even included the roller tool. I would recommend that if this is your first install, watch a couple of how to videos on u tube.
    Very happy with my purchase

  144. Ivan Arne (verified owner)

    This is a very high quality product at a great price. Very easy to install with 2 people (adult and 10 yr old daughter). Highly recommend the 5.00 installation tool and watch the video to show you how to drill the roller instead of tear it apart. It makes everything really easy. Thank you for a great product at an awesome price!!!!

  145. Tracey Pyle (verified owner)

    Save me hundreds of dollars going this route. Awning come in 2 days, took 3 hours to install (husband and I), it’s beautiful and great quality. So glad I found you.

  146. Cindy Lawson (verified owner)

    Great service. Great product!

  147. sandra (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my 21’ awning. It had one small blemish in color Doest effect quality. It seems to be made of very heavy duty vinyl. Very easy to install. Easy to follow instructions. The only problem we had was the tubing you put in came in two pieces instead of one. It was hard to run the first tube in all the way.Couldnt use the second tube to push the first one in all the way. Had trouble finding something to push it through with out damaging the awning

  148. Chuck McSpadden (verified owner)

    Ordered my replacement awning then ordered sunscreen. Will definitely order from again. Fast shipment and quality products

  149. theodore gleaton (verified owner)

    Product was easy to install, works good and lasts a long time. Now to get one for the other side

  150. Don (verified owner)

    just put it on, EXCELENT product quality work

  151. David Etters (verified owner)

    I really like the replacement awning fabric. Easy to replace took us about 2 hrs

  152. Jay Caffee (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, easy to install, good quality.

  153. Daniel Carson (verified owner)

    Great quality product at a good price. Arrived in under a week, installed nicely. Highly recommended.

    You need at least 3 people to do an awning fabric replacement of this size (18′). You also need a calm day with as little wind as possible. I’d recommend parking the RV where you have shade on the side you’re working too. Took us a little over three hours to install, as there’s a bit of a learning curve, and this was our first foray into awning work. The next time it needs to be done, we can likely shave an hour off of that.

    To summarize, if you have even reasonable mechanical aptitude, you can do this yourself and save the $600 in labor that the RV shop wants. And this is the place to buy your replacement fabric!

  154. Scotty B (verified owner)

    This was a great awning at a terrific price. Best value that I could find online anywhere. Follow the instructions for install without removing the roller…it saves so much time! I installed this past weekend with a few hiccups – but only because my awning didn’t have the channel on the end cap that others do for removal/install of the outer edge. Took me about two hours start to finish. Thanks RV Awning Mart!!!

  155. Mike Phillips (verified owner)

    Ordered the 20’ awning followed the instructions all went smooth. Highly recommend for DYI. Watch you tube videos!!

  156. John z Hawley (verified owner)

    This was a just what i needed. The instruction work great and every thing went well except my old awing plastic spline was trapped on each end by the end cap. I had to cut off the end i didn’t drill so I could remove it.

  157. Marla & Keith (verified owner)

    We’re very pleased with our awning. We were quoted WAY more money from a dealership, and no more warranty than what is offered here. I would definitely recommend RVawingsmart <3

  158. Kenneth Rush (verified owner)

    Quick shipping
    Very pleased good quality

  159. Chris Mattison (verified owner)

    Great company and great product! I have ordered two over the last several years for different campers. Both have held up great! Family friend just bought one and we just installed yesterday. Both only took about an hour to hour and half from start to finish. Have one more friend ordering soon. Would definitely recommend rvawningsmart over other distributors. Great product with great price!

  160. Dave Lidgey (verified owner)

    Great deal for the price. Very prompt communication and delivery.

  161. John Maxwell (verified owner)

    GREAT PRODUCT! Much nicer than OEM, easy to install and definitely worth the money.

  162. Mary Ann King (verified owner)

    After reviewing the options for color, we ordered the awning for our motorhome and were so pleased to receive it promptly and the color was right on. The material was strong and durable and it looks great on the motorhome. Very thankful that a friend who was knowledgeable in installing awnings, helped us put it on. Definitely a two person operation. Excited to head out and use it.

  163. steve melkioty (verified owner)

    took a little over a week to receive it, the method i used to put it on was grind out the Chanel and finish it up with a rat tail file.(this way i did not have to take the torque tube apart…)..sliding the top and bottom on took a little bit..vice grips and some rope..pushing the awing into the top track and pulling the started end by the rope was ok being i was by my self,about 6 in at a time then i had to come down the ladder and push in the valance bead in about 6 in and just keep doing this till it was all in…as for pushing in the awing into the groove…to slide the locking bead in place that was EZ….i gave 4 stars because most of the stitching was kinda loose..fabric was ok…my awing is 12 ft…it took me 1 and 3/4 hr to do..

  164. Pete Martin (verified owner)

    Good product and price. Second groove had to manually install where mine was sewn in. Considering the difference in price I can live with it. Maybe some instructions would have been nice. Overall I’m happy with my purchase of this.

  165. Coach Jim (verified owner)

    Like others have said, be sure to buy the $5 insertion tool! I can’t believe it’s not included, that’s just dumb. The fabric is a little lighter weight than the original but for the price it’s good. The shipping was quick. The installation went well. We used corn starch to lubricate the spine cord so it went right in. I should have filed the corner of the rail because it caught a few times and left nicks in the vinyl but that’s on me. Overall I’m happy with it.

  166. Tim Lester (verified owner)

    Ordered my awning received it in about 4 days easy to install seems like a good quality product only time will tell, but when I replace my slide out toppers I will order thru you guys!! Thanks Again

  167. Jason Borque (verified owner)

    This company rocks! Really fast shipping awning material and construction is perfect… exactly what I ordered!

  168. Greg Nelson (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, great price and the install went as expected. Did it alone but two or three would be much better. Was a bit of a trick learning to install the rod into the fabric pushed down into it’s groove. Once I figured it out it went easy. We’ll see how it holds up over the years. They could be better at communications. I did not get notification that my order was received and was being processed. It did show up very fast. Quick shipper. As mentioned by others, silicone spray is a must to help things slide, and there is a lot of sliding.

  169. J.D. (verified owner)

    My old awning was shot, I measured and ordered the longest awning I could fit on my roller. It was very easy to install with 2 people, with occasionally needing a third to make the job easy. For sure this was a job that could be done by anybody with just a little DIY skill.

  170. Ed Torbett (verified owner)

    The 17 foot awning was easy to install on the A&E Power awning and works like the original.

  171. Rich D

    Had the material put on the trailer today. Looks perfect. Went on perfect. Great product!!

  172. Benoit Perron (verified owner)

    receive in good condition and fast thank

  173. Harry (verified owner)

    The 16′ awning replacement fabric was of very good quality and the instructions available on-line were easy to follow. I used silicone lubricant and the installation tool as suggested. Shipment and delivery were prompt. I would note that the right bracket for my original A&E awning did not have any access holes so I needed to drill two holes and cut two slots for installation of the awning. Also, because the 2nd plastic cord needed to be installed from both ends, I also needed to drill an access hole in the left end cap. None of these additional actions were difficult but the installation did take a little longer. I highly recommend this product.

  174. Kenneth A Wade (verified owner)

    Bought a awning replacement, it was heavier than the original and very easy to install. The color was perfect and to my surprise when I opened the box it came with the roller and new pull cord. I had been cussing because I didn’t order them and thought I was going to have to wait for them, Awesome Job People Great Company and will definitely be buying again.

  175. kelly &steve hartford

    On time,good quality and easy to install. Ours as 17′, wife and I took it off and installed it on the roller. Being a new awning we had a 3’rd person help . thank you.

  176. Mark Chiarizio

    Great prices. great service, fast shipping!

  177. Dick Donovan (verified owner)

    Great price and it fit as it should would highly recommend.

  178. William Rose (verified owner)

    The awning was a great deal and it arrived on time. First time ever replacing one. My wife and I did it in no time .

  179. Richard Williams (verified owner)

    Finally installed it 2 days ago. I have never replaced an awning before. Straight forward job that went smooth with the help of my son. Looks and functions nice. Time will tell on how it holds up but it seams to be well made. It came with a wheel installation tool, like you would use for replacing window screens.

  180. William Ames (verified owner)

    My new fabric arrived in a few days. When installing found a bad spot in material. Called and was asked to send a picture. After they received picture new fabric was sent out the next day. Very pleasant people to deal with would buy from them again.

  181. Rich weidner (verified owner)

    Looks Great, arrived on time and packaged well.
    I had looked at several installation vids. I wish I would have viewed yours, I actually thought about cutting a slot instead of unwinding the spring and drilling then the reverse when the fabric was installed.
    By the time I was ready to purchase , thought I new all about installing and all I needed was a quality awning fabric. For those of you needing a new replacement , buy on this site , but also look at the installation picks, it will save you time and at least one helper instead of needing 2.
    I will recommend your site it is saved in favorites, Sincerely, Rich

  182. Mike Ray (verified owner)

    Everything came on time and as described. The awning seems to be similar to our original dometic 8500. East to install. Put a little liquid dish detergent in track. Ours came with the little wheel to push fabric into groove. It would have been a risk of tearing awning without that tool. I think a insect screen install tool would work the same. Can buy at big box home improvement store if u need one. Maybe about $1. Very happy with the overall quality and price

  183. TROY D (verified owner)

    I’m going to take a chance on the 5 star rating since the awning has only been replaced for a week. The awning seems to be made from quality vinyl and the specs were spot on. I did about 90% of the replacement myself and it took about 3 hours. Very satisfied customer.

  184. Jeff (verified owner)

    Quick delivery! Very Competitive prices!

  185. Jeff (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and quality product.

  186. jim pounds (verified owner)

    Nice awning but the main bead that mounts the awning to the cylinder is not sewn in as was the original making it harder to install. All told, a good value purchase.

  187. jerry driskill (verified owner)

    awning was as specified. good quality. delivery as promised thank you.

  188. David (verified owner)

    Nice quality and easy to install. Make sure you get the installation tool and buy a can of silicone spray. These two thing made it really easy to install.

  189. Barbara Harkabusic (verified owner)

    Great product for the price, came with roller and new pull down strap.

  190. Matthew Suval (verified owner)

    The product shipped quick and seems to be great quality! I was able install in a short amount of time with the provided directions. I would definitely recommend this replacement fabric

  191. Mike Granillo (verified owner)

    We installed our new awning made a few mistakes as it does not comes like the old one with awing and valence, but once we figured it out worked like a charm. Wife and I did it so we are very happy. We did the slide covers in a flash after looking at videos on how to diy !!!

  192. Warren walters

    Nowhere on the website did it specify universal fit, as in one seam for coach side and one seam for roller tube side with second seam not sewn in but pushed in with a roller tool and bead pushed in on top. Some other companies are universal fit, but they say so. It was returned with no hassle and they. were very nice. If you are ok with a universal fit, this is a good company. The fabric looked good, although made in China. 4 stars because the website was not clear on universal fit.

  193. Richard Lackey (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy installation.

  194. Susan J Fitts

    I thought they were very fast and priced right. My item came very quickly and was a good product

  195. Rebecca (verified owner)

    We ordered a 16′ camel face awning. It fits perfect with our 2006 jayco. The quality seems good and installation went fairly smooth even on an older camper. We were very pleased with the quality and the price.

  196. Harold Wamboldt (verified owner)

    This was the 2nd awning I’ve bought. They are great price and quality replacements.

  197. Jackie Foulks

    Good quality, easy to install, little shorter than anticipated. The pictures show the sunshade going to the ground, that is not the case. Even lowering the awning its still about calf high from hitting the ground. Otherwise it is a good quality sunshade.

  198. Joseph Z Tazbir

    Just received. was impressed with the shade screen the size fit our awning. The pricing was fair.

  199. Lucy (verified owner)

    This is the second awning we have ordered and we are very satisfied, the first one 3 years ago for our camper and this last one for our grandson’s camper! Very easy to install!
    Thank you

  200. William Allen (verified owner)

    Awesome deal , very fast shipping . I ordered the awning fabric on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday . I haven’t installed it yet but the fabric seems to be good quality . There was no awning on my TT when I bought it so i’m looking forward to adding this .

  201. Mike

    Ordered a slide topper fabric replacement. The package arrived on the third day. Quality vinyl, easy installation and fitment was perfect. Looks very nice installed. Thanks for quick service.

  202. Jean Claude Henry (verified owner)

    Great price easy to install overall Is fine

  203. Tim (verified owner)

    Perfect fit good quality and great price.

  204. Don Allen (verified owner)

    Great experience. Fast delivery. Very happy with product! Easy installation.

  205. Mike Z (verified owner)

    Great Price, on time delivery with great communication from RV Awning Smart. This was a very pleasant experience and I will recommend this company to my friends.

  206. Ann Jenkins (verified owner)

    Rec’d in a timely manner, price was awesome, took out of the box but have not installed yet as we are refurbishing camper so that will be last.

  207. Brian J. Hanson (verified owner)

    Shipped as said, high quality, good price, easy to install due to perfect fit. What more is there to say other than very happy with purchase.

  208. Daniel Ansel (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Super fast ship. Easy install

  209. Tim Lapoint

    Very fast shipping. March 19 and waiting for campground to open to put awnings on my 3 slide out camper. Should all go well with do it yourself instructions.

  210. max collier (verified owner)

    got my new awning today,and me and my son-in-law had it up and going in about one hour,and we had never put one on before..thanks a lot

  211. Mike Palmer (verified owner)

    I have not replaced our awning yet, but the delivery occurred the very next day. WOW! I will post later on the install. Thanks for the quick delivery.

  212. Brandy Lute (verified owner)

    Great price nice selection came in a short time didn’t have to wait long

  213. Michael Miniard (verified owner)

    Great awning it is made very durable and easy to install. Perfect size and quick delivery. I highly recommend this.

  214. Charles (verified owner)

    Awning arrived in just a couple of days in good shape. Awning was easy to install using the little tips from others. I only had to get assistance from my wife twice briefly. Very happy with purchase.

  215. Kermit Boyer (verified owner)

    Awesome service and shipping campgrounds is closed due to the virius so couldn’t put on yet but looking forward to seeing the final results Good value and service was great

  216. Dakota Bill (verified owner)

    Great product, came in good time, is just what I ordered. Seems to be good quality. A little work to install, but overall not bad. I read reviews before I ordered, most mentioned installation tool, that we have, but tool came with replacement fabric. Very satisfied with Awnings Mart!

  217. Terry Swartz (verified owner)

    I just installed my new material the other day, I will start by saying the material was easy to work with, I ordered the tool to push the material into the groove, but didn’t need to it came with the new fabric. the only issue I had was trying to push the plastic rod pieces in, there were two pieces not just one, would have been nice to just have been one. I tried using the spray lube method with very little luck. In the end I ended up using a paint can opener by flattening the end and gently tapping the plastic rod to get it to move, if you do this be very careful I have a couple of little spots to fix after this. Over all I would give Awning Mart and 4.5 rating

  218. Toby Trouille (verified owner)

    Great price and fast shipping. Had it on in a couple of hours.

  219. Mitch (verified owner)

    It was shipped on time, the fabric was a better quality then I expected it installed pretty quick also, overall great product for the price

  220. Juan

    Fast shipping and pristine condition when opened. Overall would do business with them again! Great job

  221. Josh S. (verified owner)

    Nice product at nice price. Delivered quickly with tools. Would order again. Love the color!

  222. Lowell Sullivan (verified owner)

    Had never installed an awning before. My wife and I did it in about 2hrs and 15min. The awning seems to be pretty good for the money and quick shipping.

  223. Larry Wright (verified owner)

    I installed myself and it went smoothly and looks great!

  224. Steve (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and easy to install.

  225. gerald truehart (verified owner)

    the product is not sunbrella but for 150 bucks you can’t go wrong it was simple to install found some videos on utube

  226. Ruben (verified owner)

    Great price for the product received. I ordered the replacement cover for my travel trailer Carefree of Colorado awning. It was easy to install and looks great.

  227. Amanda Borden (verified owner)

    Thank you for the speedy response and delivery of ur new awning! Great price and great service.

  228. Ken Hanson (verified owner)

    Nice product, beautiful colors. I hope it proves to be good, durable fabric.

  229. Curt Harp (verified owner)

    Fast delivery excellent product well worth the money. My wife and I did it without any problem.

  230. Dennis Stamper (verified owner)

    Dang Oklahoma wind trashed our pull-out awning fabric. I ordered a new one and it came fast and fit perfectly on our care free Colorado awning frame. I’m a customer for life… Thanks

  231. Wayne Wuest (verified owner)

    Arrived well packed with protective plastic sheeting, foam pads, installation tool and clear instructions. Installation went smoothly and the fabric rolls perfectly.

  232. Kelly smith (verified owner)

    We have a 2014 springdale 32ft camper and our awning was 16ft long. I searched google and found rvawningsmart for 162. I was shocked and scared on ordering the product because everyone was so high in price. BUT let me tell yall what I got it within 7 day’s, Installed this weekend it was a breeze putting it on the fabric instructions where awesome ( I did use dawn soap to slide the thread worked wonders & also texas heat HELPED) I recommended buying this product

  233. thaddeus driggers (verified owner)

    received awning faster than expected. Installed new awning three days later and it was a piece of cake. it was easy to install and fit PERFECT. Thanks .

  234. Jeff Hughes (verified owner)

    Great price, perfect fit, fast shipping. Very good material and easy to install on a 16′ dometic powered awning.

  235. Joe (verified owner)

    Great awning, great price, great service….what else could you want

  236. L Spencer (verified owner)

    Awning was great. Fit perfectly.

  237. Vern

    Product was exactly what we ordered and easy to install ourselves. Quick delivery.

  238. Duane Cope (verified owner)

    Replaced the fabric on my 12’ dometic awning. The material looks good and feels like a quality product. The price was very reasonable. Delivery was quick and on time. The only issue is that the process of inserting the fabric into the grove and then sliding the plastic cord into position was a chore. The extra thickness of the seam made it very difficult, lost thirty minutes fighting getting the seam started. Used a screen roller tool to push the fabric into the groove then used a lot of silicon to aid in sliding the plastic cord down the length of the awning. Other awning manufactures generally sew the cord into the fabric, which greatly simplifies installation. That was the only complaint. Overall For the price and quality of the product I would purchase again, and overall I am satisfied.

  239. Jr Simmons (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping, easy to install, fits true to the size, very reasonable prices

  240. William Boger (verified owner)

    Perfect easy to install for a first timer like me

  241. David Pickel (verified owner)

    Great and much appreciated customer service, and a quality product!

  242. Matt (verified owner)

    Great quality awning! Excellent company to deal with, had very fast delivery. Installation went well and it looks beautiful. High quality!

  243. Freddie Rasberry (verified owner)

    I have not installed it yet but it looks good – The service was great . I would recommend

  244. Dan Newby (verified owner)

    I was amazed how fast it came. The replacement awning was great and easy to install as well. I would highly recommend this company.

  245. Mike Williams (verified owner)

    Great product for the price, easy install,
    make sure you have silicone spray really helps. Would buy again as in.

  246. Betty (verified owner)

    Replace the 18′ awning on my 2006 Aljo. The only reason I gave it a 4 rating, was the lower spline wasn’t sown in and the tool provided didn’t work well. I used the one provided with screen replacement kit and it worked well. Other than that I’m very satisfied with the looks, price and service.

  247. David (verified owner)

    Got exactly what we ordered. My son and 10 year old grand daughter and I got it installed in 2-3 hours. Came with instructions, the tool to install the plastic tube in the groove etc. rolling the vinyl in the groove then sliding the plastic in the groove is the hardest part. Definitely need a lubricant and a small pair of needle nose pliers to reach in and grab the plastic to pull instead of push helped as well. Product seems durable enough. Might be slightly thinner than the original. Hard to tell. Time will tell if it lasts 13 years like the original.

  248. Verne Smith (verified owner)

    The awning was exactly as pictured and was fairly easy to install as long as you have two people. We watched a YouTube video which helped us figure out the best way to install it. Very happy with the product

  249. Gary Urban (verified owner)

    Purchased an awning on the 11th and received it on the 13th. The awning looks great. The install was easy. I would recommend the install tool and using silicone spray. The awning was shipped UPS. I ordered a pull rod but have not recieved it yet. I believe this issue is due to USPS not RV awning mart. I do have a claim open and waiting for a reply. I will definitely use them again.

  250. Neal Fisher (verified owner)

    It was my first time replacing a RV awning. There were only two people doing this job and I would recommend for others to have at least three. The awning was larger than they said it would be. My awning is 16′ and the 16′ fabric was just 2″ short of that distance. So there was only an inch on each end instead of the four inches the old one had. It fit on the roller well but I had some difficulty with installing the cord. The tool they send with the awning is cute but the wrong shape for installing the cord (the shape is correct for indenting the fabric into the roller). I had a screen tool which has a round end (like their tool) and a cord end which has a “U” shaped roller just for installing cord into tracks. The results of our first time awning replacement came out GREAT and it looks good too. The shipping was in less time than quoted and we are happy with the looks.

  251. Bill A Dickey (verified owner)

    It came well packaged. I had to wait for a non windy day to install. The install was easy with my wife’s help. Clean the track well and use plenty of Silicone lube. Take time in drilling the roller tube end caps and sand an deburr the edges. Ont trick that helped in pulling the “bead” into the groove is to uses bic lighter tp soften the end of the bead and while it is soft pinch it about a half inch from the end with needle nose pliers at and angle. The angle will give an end to pull on and where you squeeze it angle the end u at about 30 degree. The area you squeeze will fit in slot. Be sure to use the included roller and and roll at angel to stuff the fabric well into the groove.

  252. Dawn Wood (verified owner)

    Beautiful awning. Easy installation. Fast, free shipping makes it even better!

  253. Deborah (verified owner)

    I ordered an awning replacement fabric and the process couldn’t have been any easier. The product arrived in a great timely manner.

  254. Larry simpkins (verified owner)

    great fabric quality.. good delivery also…Did all myself and was really simple.. Thank you..

  255. Ken brown (verified owner)

    The quality was really good and the price was great. The installation was a bit tougher than I thought but it looks great.

  256. Kenneth Sowa (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick/prompt delivery. My husband and I installed this new awning in 1 hour. Easy and great update. Cut the old one, slid it out of the track. Laid out the new one, husband on ladder, slip top thru track I slid bottom in cordination and no tool, lub, easy. Thanks for a nice product.

  257. Debi Cramer (verified owner)

    Great awning at a great price! Fast shipping with all the necessary tools!

  258. R. Sasser (verified owner)

    I have nothing but good things to say about this awning. Shipment was fast, the price was good. It was a breeze to put on with some prep time and following the video instructions.

  259. Donald J Watson (verified owner)

    This appears to be a good awning. The material is strong . Installation wasn’t too much trouble and the installation tool was included with my awning. Took me a few minutes to get started but in the end it worked well. We bought the 15 foot and it was a good fit. Now I am looking forward to the parks opening completely so we can have some fun.

  260. Kevin F. (verified owner)

    Customer service was excellent on the phone. Ordered online and shipped immediately. My only wish was for the awning to have the second rod sewn in like the first. The wheeled installation tool shipped but still had to have silicone spray assist with the second rod. I’m very pleased with the color and fabric weight.

  261. Jerry Pennington (verified owner)

    I ordered the 22′ awning, received it as promised on time, have not installed yet but product looks great and was at least $100 to $150 dollars cheaper than anyone else quoted locally. Thank You and I will be back as necessary…….

  262. Louis Mettey (verified owner)

    Received the order in a few days. The instructions were easy to follow. I installed the awning fabric by myself but it would have been easier with help. I will definitely buy there again.

  263. Josh Whited (verified owner)

    The price was less than expected for a new awning. The awning I received was amazing quality for the price. The install went very smooth by following the directions on their website. Overall I am very impressed with the quality and service. Thank you fro sending a great product at an unbeatable price.

  264. Clifton Gibson (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier Shipped fast an was a breeze to install will recommend to any one looking to replace a awning this is the way to go

  265. Paul R. (verified owner)

    Very fast order fill. Perfect fit. Price was fair.

  266. Mitch bellinger (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. And great awning. At a great price. Way cheaper than retailers by me and same great quality.

  267. Van Pigate (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product and installation. Not dissappointed at all

  268. Nick dudley (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! A fantastic awning for an even better price. Mine was a 20’ and was installed today. As a first timer I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Watched a few videos, grabbed a few tools and some extra hands. Took 3 of us, (a taller 4th when needed), about 2-2.5 hours to install and it fit perfectly. The tricky part for us was the awning cord you need to insert after you fold the fabric into the groove. We ended up tapering the end of the cord a little, spraying some silicone lubricant in and it went in smoothly. Because our awning was so long this cord was 2 separate. I used a small pick tool to slide the first cord while we fed the second. Overall very satisfied with the service and product. Will definitely use again when the time come.

  269. James Colpitts (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, nice quality and a nice fit. Highly recommended

  270. traytrav (verified owner)

    Great price, fast shipping. It was a 2 man job. Took about 1 ½-2 hours to complete. My only problem is that the original fabric was a few inches longer coming away from camper. The new fabric put my up/down latch in a different position. That was a pretty easy fix. Otherwise, it was a great replacement and soon to order the fabric the slide.

  271. Quinton Barbra (verified owner)

    Excellent service, Awning fit perfect and was easy to install.I would recommend these good people. Thanks Quinton

  272. sandra hensley

    Fabric looks great for 19′ awning and easy to install. I would buy again, I needed. This is my second time to replace due to a tornado. My first replacement fabric was going on 4 years old and still looking good. That is why I ordered the same product again.

  273. Barry

    They had a superior product at a superior price and service was fantastic. Thanks!!

  274. CDaggett (verified owner)

    The awning looks good and was only slightly difficult to install with two people but we were able to get it done. The only issue was the cord to push into the slot on top to hold it was in two pieces so we had to get the second one started in the middle of the awning and push it in with a screw driver and it put a coupl3 of small tears in the brand new awning.

  275. Corman Snook (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, great price… fits perfect overall Highly Satisfied!

  276. Travis Crowe (verified owner)

    Great fit easy install with your instructions even included the roller tool definitely recommend!

  277. Ron Kenagy (verified owner)

    Good quality product however the installation was very time consuming. The problem I had was putting the plastic rod in since it was two pieces. the first side went in without incident but the second one from the other side did not happen. Could not get it started after many many attempts and about 5 hours. Finally got an ice pick and very carefully pulled the first rod the entire length followed by the second one and lots of silicone spray. Overall a very nice good quality awning, rod just needs to be one piece or sewn in from the factory.

  278. Amy S. (verified owner)

    Easy ordering, fast delivery, great price. Installation went better than I anticipated. Material seems to be good quality.

  279. Ryan Currie (verified owner)

    Ordered a new replacement awning for my TT. Received the awning within days. It was in perfect condition and an easy install.

  280. Kenneth Rayna & Patricia Kay (verified owner)

    Just replaced our 18 ft awning fabric. All went well. Highly recommended. Take your time and have all your tools ready (silicone spray, protective tape, cleaning supplies). The online recommendation to drill a hole in the end cap saves time and you don’t need to drill the pop rivet out or remove the end cap. Again, take your time, will need at least two people, and two ladders. I am very pleased, looks great.

  281. Joe Zazzetti (verified owner)

    Decent quality. Let’s see how it holds up.

  282. Jesse Parker (verified owner)

    Found these guys after a google search for a replacement canopy. Price was good, product seemed decent. It arrived and we installed using the instructions they post on their website. WOW!! So easy to do and it looks awesome. And it’s a great quality. I figured I’d be in the hole hundreds of dollars, but not even close. Great price, great product, fast delivery. Highly recommend!!!

  283. Jim D (verified owner)

    Great replacement fabric that won’t break the bank. Experience installing this one so will make the next one a little easier.

  284. Teanessa Atkins (verified owner)

    Great price for what seems to be a quality replacement fabric for our awning. Shipping was fast and the inclusion of the roller tool really helped with installation!
    I highly recommend!!

  285. Mandy (verified owner)

    So happy we found you!! We ordered the 17 ft vinyl awning. Free shipping. Ordered it Monday and it came Thursday. The instructions didn’t include putting it on the camper side, but we figured it out. It was much easier to put on then expected. And it looks great!! We are super happy with it so far. And hope it last. And can’t wait to order more accessories for the awning from you. Thank you!!!

  286. Dave T. (verified owner)

    Shipping was quick, the awning went in relatively easy, although I think the sewn in rod was in the wrong place (compared to the old awning) so my valance is only about two inches long, no worries. I was dissapointed that I bought from an American company and as soon as I opened it up I saw the “Made in China” label.

  287. Ruth Hink (verified owner)

    Great price, nice quality, came really fast. Very happy with service.

  288. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fast shipping. Ordered on a Sunday. Had by Wednesday. Looks amazing. Great price! So happy with our new awning!!

  289. Dale (verified owner)

    Great price same product that was on the original awning since 2001. Used you tube for installation. I will be testing it out shortly

  290. Dave Southworth (verified owner)

    Awning came quickly and was easy to install. It looks great. I would buy again! Price was low also.

  291. Wayne Abietkoff (verified owner)

    My 17 foot awning was in shambles the new awning quality is Excellent and easy to install

  292. Sam Burden (verified owner)

    Great service and fast shipping. Very nice quality replacement awning fabric.

  293. Melissa Link (verified owner)

    The awning fabric was exactly as described and fit perfectly to replace the old one. I was super impressed with the fast shipping time and the quality of the awning. Installation went well & we had no trouble sliding the plastic strip into the channel for the valance! I would highly recommend buying your awning here!

  294. Ted Morphis (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the awning fabric we ordered! Just followed instructions on how to measure for replacement and it fits perfect!! We felt it was very affordable compared to others out there. Very easy purchase over website and arrived in less than 1 week after placing the order. Would definitely order from you again if the need arises!! Thanks for high quality product!!

  295. Gregory Waters

    We bought one six years ago and installed it. It gave us very good continuous service. We are getting ready to replace it again, but felt it lasted longer than it should have under the harsh conditions we use it under. We are full-time RVers

  296. Ronald Hunter (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Worked very well. Good value!

  297. Kevin D Weber (verified owner)

    I ordered the 18 foot replacement fabric for my Dometic awning and was very pleased with the quality and color of the fabric. I did my own installation and the awning looks very nice. I am very pleased with the product and will certainly recommend your company to all of my rv friends.

  298. John Mayers (verified owner)

    Good quality for the money. Definitely need the installation tool…should be included in the price! Only downfall was after installation, we noticed a small hole in the middle of the awning. Emailed the company to let them know and haven’t heard back! Hopefully it lasts for a while.

  299. Captain Bob (verified owner)

    This awning is excellent. You are crazy if you pay more for a different awning. Just installed my 18 ft. awning on my Winnebago motorhome today. Installation was a piece of cake and the awning looks great. This awning replaced the original awning and you can clearly tell this awning is a heavier built awning. Time will tell in terms of longevity but , I’m feeling pretty confident this awning will last quite a while.

  300. Bob Hunt (verified owner)

    Great product and received awning in 1 day. Thank you so much!!

  301. Sarah (verified owner)

    Excellent, excellent excellent for the price! Great customer service, super quick shipping. Awesome high quality vinyl.

  302. John Chamberlin (verified owner)

    Our awning arrived promptly. We found it to be nicely packaged. Included was a roller wheel for install of the valence loop. The instruction sheet supplied was helpful. Installation of the plastic bead was a bit of a challenge, might have been been eased by using a lube, such as silicone spray. note: the weather was VERY warm …… 95 degF. Both the bead and awning materials were quite soft, as a result.
    The awning looks good, materials and stitching were quite satisfactory. Overall, we are pleased with our awning purchase.

  303. B A (verified owner)

    Great awning! easy install and so good looking!

  304. Nicole VanDort (verified owner)

    fast shiiping and was a perfect fit and color for my 2005 Wildwood 24ft camper. Thank you, will buy again if needed

  305. Tom Honeyager (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping! Product seems of good quality, but time will tell. Had the awning modified so that it would fit my home made awning frame and roller. Got the 11′ awning (10’2″) and it works just as I hoped. Looks great on the trailer. Thanks.

  306. Steven Richman

    Terrific awning at a very fair price. The quality was excellent. Installation was a breeze. As others have stated the installation tool made things just breeze along.

  307. Scott Moore (verified owner)

    Great awning!! Easy to install with help of a friend.
    The only thing bad I can say is, the ad says same day shipping if ordered before 3 pm. It did not ship same day but I still had it within 6 days. I will do business with this company again. I will recommend this to any one needing an awning. We are very satisfied. Thanks!!!

  308. Mike (verified owner)

    Very happy with my replacement awning and very fast shipping. Great price for what seems to be a quality replacement fabric. I have the awning installed now and overall it went very well.

  309. Shawn MacDonald (verified owner)

    The price was nice and the shipping was fast . My wife and I installed this ourselves , no mean feat considering I had my hip replaced 2 weeks previous . It was pretty straight forward . I will agree with Billy kay about putting the rod in . Even though the one I got came with a roller getting it started and fed thru was tough . We cut the end almost to a one-sided point to get it past the fabric and even though it was pushed in and lubricated I had to stab one end of the rod with an awl and pull while my wife pushed . I would buy another one but would have more help to install it

  310. Karen L Slocum (verified owner)

    Great service, awning and slide topper fit perfectly. The material feels and looks fantastic. Will definitely order from you again.

  311. Donald Willson (verified owner)

    could not ask for a better product. well satisfied

  312. Jackie Kennard (verified owner)

    Bought this for a replacement for my 21′ awning. Thought it was USA made but It said China. Fabric felt good, installed good and it will work. !

  313. Derek Billhartz (verified owner)

    Shipping was very fast! But after two days the awning is ripping at the seam that connects to the roller bar…. Not a happy camper! 2 stars because of shipping speed.

    • Store Manager (verified owner)

      You have a warranty on your awning so you can replace it 🙂

  314. Ryan (verified owner)

    Easy to order, good price and quickly shipped.

  315. I Smith (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Awning fit perfectly! Best bang for the buck out there! Fixing to buy two more to replace!

  316. Alan Kirkwood (verified owner)

    I spoke with the people at the local RV shop and they wanted what I considered to be an outrageous price to replace the awning. I asked them about doing it myself, and the service manager attempted to frighten me into having them do the work. I decided to do it myself, and although it took a little time, it was an easy task and nowhere near as dangerous as the service rep indicated. I sprayed a little silicone in the grooves and convinced my teen grandsons to give me a hand.
    No problems, Job done, it looks great.

  317. Micah Watson (verified owner)

    Could not believe how quickly my awning arrived! Fits and looks good!

  318. marc felton (verified owner)

    High initial product satisfaction. Looks good installed. Quick delivery. I would not recommend using the installation instructions on the website however. I found it impossible to slide the spline through the entire length of the roller (final attachment step). I got it about three quarters of the way through and ended up using .190 gauge rubber spline (typically used for replacing window screens) the rest of the way. The rubber window spline compresses enough that I was able to insert it from the top. Only time will tell if it works.

  319. CHRIS KUBISKI (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Ordered on Monday got it Wednesday. Good quality easy assembly if you know what your doing, but that isn’t a reflection on them . ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE

  320. Michael Quinn (verified owner)

    Replacing our new awning was easier than we thought. I like the quality of the awning and it transformed the awning part of the camper into something durable, enjoyable, and beautiful again. The you tube video gave me the basic idea as to how to change it and we saved hundreds of dollars doing it ourselves. Thank you rvawningsmart

  321. Eric (verified owner)

    Nice and thick awning material, much better quality than the remains of my old one. Directions are short and to the point of replacing awning, but need to be more in depth about how to take the awning frame apart, could be different for each one so maybe thats why. Overall all based on looks and feel, its a great product, we will see how it holds up.

  322. Bill Randall (verified owner)

    Great awning very easy to install and the fit was perfect

  323. SAMUEL J STRUTH (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised at how easy this was. We had 2 ladders and 3 people and we were done within an hour and a half. perfect fit and looks really good. I watched a few YouTube videos to get a few ideas and the change-out came off without a hitch.

  324. Richard Suhocki (verified owner)

    Good quality & price prompt delivery,very satisfied.

  325. Ronald Clem (verified owner)

    Great price and easy to install. The shipping was quick and the material had a plastic sheet to help when installing it to protect the material on the ground. Good buy for the DIY’ers.

  326. JOHN BENNETT (verified owner)

    Nice weight, got burgundy and it’s very pretty. Quick delivery, husband was able to put it up almost by himself. We are both in our 70’s. Great price.

  327. Deloris Story (verified owner)

    They fabric is good. It came thru the mail quickly. We have 2 camper a older one to go to river and a another one to go camping we bought a blue one and brown one they matched good I would recommend this place.

  328. Jody Smith (verified owner)

    Very reasonably priced and great service. I got all my questions answered and delivered in a reasonable time.

  329. Jody Smith (verified owner)

    Very reasonably priced and great service. I got all my questions answered and delivered in a decent time. Shipped to Canada without problems but was pretty pricey.

  330. Krysten Veverka

    Just finished installing our replacement canopy. It was a smooth project and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and packaging definitely a company that still cares about providing a great product. We will be repeat customers

  331. Tanya Tupps (verified owner)

    Ordered an 18’ awning, easy installation, and looks great!

  332. Raymond M. (verified owner)

    Giving only four stars because I haven’t had my vinyl on very long, but I was very pleased with how it looks, ease of installing , and most of all price. Thanks Awnings Mart.

  333. Jack Scott (verified owner)

    Awning fabric is exactly as described and fit perfectly. Good quality and looks really nice. It was fairly easy to install except for when I rewound the springs backwards. Hahaha now I know better. Great service and fast delivery. I am glad I went with rvawningsmart.

  334. Carol Schrock (verified owner)

    We had an Awesome experience with RV Awnings Mart.
    We were able to get exactly what we needed and received it all in a very timely manner.
    We were able to change out our 2 slide out awnings and our main awning with no trouble at all.
    The material and the workmanship in these awnings is exceptional!
    We would highly recommend RV Awnings Mart for your next purchase!
    We will definitely use them again if we are to need anything at all!
    Thank you again!!!

  335. Marie Receveur

    Easily installed, nice quality, great customer service

  336. Jean Chestnut (verified owner)

    Awning arrived quickly. It came with clear simple instructions. Definitely have on hand some silicone spray or cornstarch if you have a large awning!

  337. Marvin Tedder III (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, 3 year warranty
    Best Pricing and easy installation. Hope it last as long as the original it’s heavier and better material. Wouldn’t hesitate to order another one.

  338. Caleb Chan (verified owner)

    This is by far the most value for money in the market. Got a 12” and everything fits perfectly. Although the fabric is 2 pieces but the quality is there. I installed this by myself with no issue. The roller tool comes handy as the awning side needs to be set into the roller’s groove. Like many said, silicon grease will be extremely helpful. Lastly, it comes with the roll down strap included which other site will charge extra.

  339. Bill Miller (verified owner)

    Looks like a good quality fabric. The Teal striped color worked well with my trailer. Delivery was fast and free. The price was great. Could have used more detailed installation instructions but found useful tutorials on YouTube.

  340. Bill Gocksch (verified owner)

    Great price & great product. Fits perfectly & looks great. Highly recommend this awning. Note: make sure to buy the installation tool.

  341. Don (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy – selection was ok – I’d would have preferred just plain white……….but what I got seemed to work…………..anyways……….. shipping was fast and on time……the included instructions and plastic tool included worked as they should.
    If you happen to have a slide in pick up camper with a rear awning – Mines an Arctic Fox 865 to be specific – the width I needed was 74 inches – the width of the fabric 86 inches which was to wide and required trimming – its
    unfortunate that 8′ (86″) is the lowest width available for the application such as this – otherwise this company is good – I’d buy from them again if I needed replacement awning material.

  342. Larry (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, quality material, and reasonable price.

  343. Teresa S (verified owner)

    My review is for Tyler and her persistence with UPS to get my awning to me. She was so kind, patient, and helpful after UPS stonewalled me on where my package was. So after a 17 day delay, as the awning took a leisurely trip around the southwest…..it arrived today. Fabric is beautiful, and we look forward to getting it installed.

  344. BC Holt

    We followed the YouTube video for Dometic replacement, helped a lot following all their steps. The frozen set screws were a nightmare, so bring lots of tools to remove rusted screws. Your instructions should be included in the shipping. We connected the awning to the valance slot instead of the awning slot, which worked out fine, but we lacked initial instructions. We didn’t bother with the folding and adding the extra spline. Quality material, hoping it lasts another 10 years!

  345. Russ A. (verified owner)

    Installed just as they said. Fabric seems to be of good quality. Fast shipping. Overall I’m very satisfied.

  346. Jason (verified owner)

    The order was easy and shipped fast. Installation was easy and fabric fit perfectly and seems to be good quality. Would definitely recommend this product.

  347. Kent Dunbar (verified owner)

    quick shipping, thank you
    Fit perfect, was easy to install.
    Packaged very well for shipping.

  348. Jamie Owens (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service, pricing and options were wonderful as well. We had our awning misplaced by UPS and the wonderful staff did everything in there power to have a new one shipped out and delivered before we left. Will definitely use them for future needs.

  349. Jarod (verified owner)

    The ordering process was easy. With the easy to follow instructions for measuring the awning size I was able to select the right product with confidence. The awning arrived very quickly. All the tools needed to install were included with the awning. Installation of the awning was easy. Overall, I am very satisfied with my whole experience!

  350. Steve (verified owner)

    Patio awning was received within a few days of purchase and installation was easier than anticipated.

  351. Paul Rempala (verified owner)

    Great awning size and color were exactly what I was looking for, and a great price. My only suggestion is the plastic rod that you need to insert separately should be sharpened like a pencil to make it easier to get it started

  352. Renee Wagner (verified owner)

    Great price, fast shipping and quality product. Our only trouble came when we were threading the plastic rod into the groove in the roller. The wheel that was included worked but it was still a bit difficult. We are happy with the awning and the website was easy to navigate and helpful in ordering the right size.

  353. TIM MARSHALL (verified owner)

    I am delighted with the fabric I purchased and it was a little work but well worth it. If your hesitant don’t worry this is a much simplier job and I would do it again. My father in law spent $450 to have the dealer replace his and I got away with $145 and there’s no difference just a little time. I would purchase from again from this site.

  354. Phil Morrow (verified owner)

    Wow what an incredible experience, it is a shame that there is not 6 or 7 stars.. After removing the old awning which really was not that hard to do it was a one hour process to install the new awning on the roller tube. Then up to the channel on the camper and then BAM reinstall the upper are mount and wow a BEAUTIFUL new awning. Just like the on line instructions say. Best DYI experience to date. Thanks for the videos, and online instructions. You all are the best.

  355. Joseph lovely (verified owner)

    Came in on time , went up good , until my wife found a split in the material from company,

  356. Nichole Shaw

    I was very happy with how fast we received our replacement awning fabric. The product is top notch. Size was exactly what was needed and looks amazing on our travel trailer. Thank you!

  357. Rick (verified owner)

    Delivered within a week and it fit perfectly. A little over an hour and half with just my wife helping me. I would buy again

  358. Tony&Ladonna Fetters (verified owner)

    You guys are on the ball,shipped next day arrived in 3,didnt overcharge for a good product,a real breath of fresh air with this experiance,we will be using you again on some of your other products,thank you very much

  359. Steve K (verified owner)

    Just bought our 1st new to us Travel Trailer and of course within a month it needed a new awning. Being new to this, I called and was able to talk to really nice representative on the phone who helped insure I ordered the right product. My awning came with an installation tool and it was needed. Installed the awning with the help of a neighbor in a about 2 hours. Looks great and would buy again.

  360. ANDREW JOHNSEN (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. Low quality. Has small rips and I have only had it for 2 weeks. My fault, you get what you pay for.

  361. Jeffrey Johnson (verified owner)

    Great customer support, installed fairly easy. Beats paying over priced others

  362. Bob Espinoza (verified owner)

    Right very good material for the awning little difficult putting the valence in overall not too bad

  363. Jonathin Payne (verified owner)

    Great product great price. It was very easy to install. The only issue was UPS, the box look like getting kicked all the way from Indiana and half torn open. Luckily the product was not damaged.


    Great price very easy to install.

  365. Lonnie Rousselle Sr. (verified owner)

    Ordering was a breeze and to my surprise I received my awning within 3 days from order to quality and beautiful

  366. Ken (verified owner)

    Extremely high quality product, and fit perfectly. Very easy to install if you follow their instructions and tips. Completed my new awning install in about 4 hours. The product and price is unbeatable!

  367. Parker L Hobson (verified owner)

    Quick Delivery, easy installation, Two thumbs up!!

  368. John (verified owner)

    I ordered the 21 foot awning fabric. I installed myself and everything went on smooth. The fabric is high quality. I would highly recommend.

  369. Christine Dominick (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Love the color. Not too hard to install. I would recommend

  370. Bruce & Barb (verified owner)

    very friendly and helpful when ordering,shipped very quickly,colors were just as in the photos,thank you,and have suggested to others to buy from them.thank you.

  371. Patrick Griffin (verified owner)

    Perfect fit..!!!
    Great price..!!!
    Great material..!!!!
    Very fast shipping..!!!!
    Thank you..!!!!

  372. Adam (verified owner)

    Very happy with our awning. Shipping was timely. It looks great and fits great. Follow the directions for sizing when you order and you can’t go wrong. Hopefully I don’t have to replace it for awhile but I know where I’m sending others who ask.

  373. george witzke (verified owner)

    Quick delivery & the right fit. Easy to install & looks great. I have already recommended RV Awning Mart to two other people.

  374. Bruce (verified owner)

    Great price and quality, got a 21 ft. delivery was on time, Installed myself with online info.and 3 people.

  375. MICHAEL VANDREEL (verified owner)

    Did a lot of comparing price vs. product, most awnings are 15 oz. but price was the best here and I received my awning in just a couple days. My awning is 21′ a one piece rod to slide in the second grove would have been nicer but use a small tool being careful to not cut awning pushed first half to end, also some silicone spray helped immensely.

  376. Doug Benedict (verified owner)

    The fabric is good quality and was easy to install after I found a tool in my shop that I could use since they didn’t send me the tool that I ordered when I ordered the canopy. Outside of being out $7 the experience was good.

  377. Roger Henry (verified owner)

    Awning went on in 2.5 hours by 2 of us who have never done this before. Used the awning camping the last 10 dats, love it. Only hard part was sliding the plastic tube in the grove. took 15 min.’s.
    watch YouTube for ideas and helpful hints.

  378. Larolyn (verified owner)

    Awning came in a timely manner. Was just what we ordered and expected. Wasn’t hard to install.

  379. John Richards

    Great please to deal with. Very fast shipping!!

  380. M Johnson (verified owner)

    Easy online transaction, fast shipping.
    Good quality Awning replacement fabric at a fair price.

  381. Glenn H (verified owner)

    The rating is 5 star and the installation was moderately simple. Having an older 5th Wheel, we had to adapt, but
    good material and the second bead having to be installed was the tricky part. But, we managed.

  382. Greg (verified owner)

    Ordered new awning fabric to Canada. Shipping took about a week. An installation tool was included in the box…..thanks. Installation went well following instructions found on YouTube and instructions included. Our awning is 19′ and it took my wife and I about 3 hours to complete. Our new awning fits perfect and looks awesome.

  383. Rick (verified owner)

    Shipped very quickly- ordered while camping, showed up the day after we got home. Came with an extra cord that goes into the end, but was the same size as what was already provided. I could not get the end to fit into the groove of the rolling part of the awning, so I re-used the smaller one that came out of my old awning. It is a 1979, so may the sizes changed, but I did measure and it was the brand and size groove as they specified. I liked how the extra fabric at the end rolled over the rail, but was hoping that there would be more color. There was a lot of white and the color was only close to the end.

  384. Zack (verified owner)

    Great price, FAST shipping!! Only negative was only one ‘thread’ that goes in the roller was stitched in, hard to push the other in.

    • Store Manager (verified owner)

      Dawn Dish Soap is the perfect tool to combat this issue!

  385. Travis Garrison (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and easy install. Seems like a great product for the price.

  386. Donald Denner (verified owner)

    Beautiful, Well packaged, Easy to install, very fair price.
    Thanks for helping me restore our camper.

  387. Greg harper (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly. Seems to be good quality

  388. Don Mathis (verified owner)

    I was very disappointed in the thickness of the fabric and the thread in the stiching. I had to restitch in two places.

    • Store Manager (verified owner)

      We have one of the thickest fabrics on the market! It comes with a 3 year full warranty that protects against issues like this. Reach out when the fabric has a defect and we will replace it promptly.

  389. Christine Raymo (verified owner)

    Received my awning fabric quickly and product met my expectations. I will definitely shop here again for future needs.

  390. Jesse Sledge (verified owner)

    Great product, well constructed and good price. It was very easy to install. Mine was a 13′ motorized A&E Dometic patio awning installation. Only comment i would have is i received no instructions with the awning. There are plenty of YouTube videos so the only thing that was not in the video i found/used was installing the separate awning bead (valence bead came sewn into the awning material but awning bead was separate) into the metal tube with the bead tool but it went off without a hitch. Would highly recommend.

  391. Nelson G Cheramie, III (verified owner)

    I have installed the awning and it fit like a glove, looks great, and I got a lot of complements this past weekend. It came with one rod sewn in and I had to use the roller to insert the fabric into the other groove and then push in the other rd to hold it in place. I would have preferred that both rod were sewn in, but I understand that not sewing in the other rod allows for a more custom fit. I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

  392. Gerard

    Easy install and they are a GREAT company to business with. Thank You.

  393. Chester Hanson (verified owner)

    Very happy with quick shipment and quality of awning.

  394. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Great price, lightning fast shipping and nice quality fabric!

  395. Jacqueline White (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the awning. My installer had measured what I needed, it fit perfect. Material seems very strong.

  396. Tim Fox (verified owner)

    Ordered the 19’ for our 5th wheel and it came with everything we needed to install. Material looks to be of good quality and the colors are just as described and bright. For this size awning two people are a must and a third hand makes it even easier.

  397. Dan Simon (verified owner)

    Great product and a great price! The instructions were clear and the installation was fairly straightforward. What wasn’t known was that there were springs on both ends of the awning that needed to be tensioned on our large 17′ awning. Cutting the endcaps with a dremel made the process easier instead of using a hacksaw. I would defintely recommend this product to anyone who is a DIY type of person. The isntall was a 3/5 for difficulty.

  398. Clinton Walworth (verified owner)

    This was my first install and it went great. Quality seems like OE or better and great product so far. Only advice I would give, is the ends of the cords would be better if they were rounded more like a pencil. The 45 degree cut tended to try and dig into sides of the material and stitching.

  399. Bill Burris (verified owner)

    I had an incident where a sudden and violent wind blew up and took my Dometic 848NV16.40TB awning off and over my 5th wheel. I had to go up top, in the wind, and cut it off the camper to prevent further damage.

    So, I ordered a new 16′ fabric. A friend of mine had ordered a new fabric from you for his automatic awning and I helped him install his and was impressed with the quality and price.

    I got mine quickly and had no problem installing it. I actually did it by myself. I loaded the springs and rolled the awning up and down several times to get everything centered, then secured it. Then, I decided to extend the inner arms to tighten the awning.

    To my surprise, the fwd arm came apart; the aft arm was just barely long enough to lock down. The pull-down strap was also almost totally buried inside the rolled up awning. It appears the fabric is a bit longer than the one I had.

    I was able to take the longer fwd inner arm and put on the aft end and fabricated a longer (48″) inner arm for the fwd end from some 1″ square tubing, but I am still confused by the problem.

    Now, I had to totally remove the arms, replace some parts and reinstall, so I have tried to figure out what happened, but I think the pull-down strap is a good indication. Anyone ever seen this before?

    At any rate, I love the material, it was easy to install and looks great, for a really good price.

  400. Bob Williams (verified owner)

    Good quality, perfect fit, easy to install

  401. Livingstone Brathwaite (verified owner)

    Product delivered as promised on the website…..quality very good for the price …haven’t installed it yet….but I am very pleased. Great doing business with you and will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for awnings……..Thank you …….Merci beaucoup….Gracias.

  402. hondaman612000 (verified owner)

    i got the 13 foot replacement fabric for my dometic sunsetter awning fit great exept it did not give me enough fabric for a valance oh well i can deal with that for the price but did not like the fact that it came from china

  403. Jeff Sempek (verified owner)

    We installed this material yesterday. Very nice quality product. They are several videos on youtube to help people with the installation and it went very well for us. This was a great purchase and I would do it again. Highly recommended

  404. Joe Kunz (verified owner)

    Came on time, perfect fit and it was a blessing to have it on our least trip of 102 degrees while dry camping in the dessert.

  405. Raymond Halverson (verified owner)

    Thanks for the help on how to measure my awning fabric looks a lot better than my 82 Fleetwood Trtus very good price and help to get right size. Thanks

  406. Josh Morasco (verified owner)

    Great price, fast delivery and easy to install!

  407. dale lawrence (verified owner)

    GREAT price!! Excellent fit and easy install.

  408. Darrin & Robyn Montagna (verified owner)

    Order was delivered very quickly. installation was easy except for the installation of the second cord. The awning was wrinkled from shipping making it very difficult to smooth the material to install the second cord. I decided to install the awning on to the trailer without installing the second cord. I allowed it to sit in the sun for and hour or so. The sun helped soften the awning material and straighten out. I then closed it up without rolling it on the tube with the cord channel facing up. I worked on a ladder along with my wife on another ladder. I used a plastic tool to push the material in the groove and lubed with slide out lube. My wife pushed the cord in, half from one side and half from the other side. The finished product of our work was very satisfying. Looking forward to many years enjoying our work.

  409. Vic (verified owner)

    Great folks to work with great price and fast delivery



  411. Andries J Rijnders (verified owner)

    excellent material and good instructions for installation plus removal of old tarp (awning material)

  412. Wendy Phillips (verified owner)

    Great price, fit well and fairly easy to install. Quick delivery. Very please with this product and company!

  413. Suesei (verified owner)

    We installed our new awning fabric and it fit perfectly.

  414. keith

    The awning was a prefect fit, better than original anwing, at a great

  415. Tom Jarrett

    Replacement fabric arrived in good condition. Installation took several hours, but was able to do everything myself except feeding into tracks in RV and in awning roller. Perfect replacement for Carefree 8500 awning. Determined that using the small wheel tool helped with pushing cord thru roller slot. Not sure why they didn’t send a longer cord since pushing second one against first one was most difficult part of installation.

  416. Rich Walton (verified owner)

    This awning is a good value. It is somewhat attractive and the fabric appears to be of high quality. The instructions are weak, but we got it done thanks to my mechanic son. It took both of us a little over two hours to remove the old awning and install the new one. It was delivered VERY quickly!

  417. Jay (verified owner)

    The instructions were lacking. Not everyone has access to Youtube, some of us have have vision problems, and with just a little more effort they could offer better instructions. Unfortunately, I damaged my fabric because I didn’t see how to use the roller tool until I went to a local RV shop. Other than this, it’s a great product at a great price.

  418. stanley (verified owner)

    they are real nice people to deal with

  419. Kim (verified owner)

    Great Service and staff!

  420. Brandon Crooks (verified owner)

    Great price for a great product! I will definitely buy again if I ever need a replacement.

  421. David Underhill (verified owner)

    I ordered a 10′ awning to replace the 10 year old OEM awning on my 2010 Coleman CT-187, which had become brittle and was cracking. The order arrived on time and appears to be complete. However, since I just winterized the camper and put the cover on, installation will be waiting until spring. Being a Hoosier, I like that they are an Indiana company. I’ll update in the spring, once installed.


    GREAT COMPANY. This product lived up to our expectations. Looks & fits great.

  423. Patrick M. Williamson

    ordering from your company was a breeze. The information you provided to assist in measuring my awing was right on target and the material and quality seemed very good. The awning is on and I’m proud of it!

  424. Javier (verified owner)

    Good price and good quality fabric. Very easy steps for installation.
    I highly recommend get your awning fabric from them.

  425. Sal (verified owner)

    Everything was fine I wish I could known about the second plastic rod not being sown in other than that it’s great

  426. Ray Ried (verified owner)

    Fast shipping good quality awning at a reasonable price.

  427. Jenn (verified owner)

    So happy to find the exact color and pattern as our original awning! It looks fantastic! Husband installed with the help of 2 friends. Super fast shipping and great pricing!

  428. LBR (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck. We watched the video by RV Geeks, felt confident enough to replace the fabric ourselves. Per your measurement guidelines the replacement fabric fit better than the original that we replaced! It was a little tricky getting the beading to install for the fabric portion of the awning, we used an awl to jab into the bead while one pulled it thru while the other one pushed the remainder. Maybe not the best way to do the job, but we did it! Just go slow and easy. It took us a bit to understand the written instructions that the provided pre beaded section is the actual valance, but again, between the two of us we got the job done. I can’t complain about the price, and we saved ourselves a good amount of money.

  429. Paul Kudrick (verified owner)

    Fast shipping ( two days). Good and fair price. Got exactly what I Ordered. Fabric seems to be of good quality. Installation was as advertised…allow 4 hours with 2 people for a full awning.

  430. Dana Fischer (verified owner)

    This fit perfectly. It was a great fit.

  431. Mark (verified owner)

    The installation of a 14 foot was very easy. Would recommend this product.

  432. Elizabeth Guanchez (verified owner)

    At first I was very skeptical thinking that the replacement fabric would not fit my awning, or that it would be super hard to replace. Oh surprise! Not only it fit perfectly, but it only took my husband and I about 90 minutes from disconnecting the awning and removing the old fabric to closing the awning with the new fabric installed! It looks great! I hope the quality matches the look.

  433. robert v (verified owner)

    Great product. Fit perfect. Came with the tool and strap. Very happy with the awning and the price.

  434. kelly Greene (verified owner)

    great quality

  435. Dwayne Hobbs (verified owner)

    My new awning fabric went on without a hitch. High quality and great price. Very pleased.

  436. David Waldrop (verified owner)

    Awning fabric was exactly as described and appears to be excellent quality. All accessories for installation were contained in the box and it was well packed. It was my first time replacing the fabric and installation went smoothly with 2 men. It works best with 2 12′ ladders. Everything worked nicely after installation.

  437. Tom

    Very good Fast service, some direction on installing the awing would be great. I did it and all went very well, used you/tube

  438. Stewart Bond (verified owner)

    Great awning for a very reasonable price. My first time installing one and it went on easily with little trouble.

  439. Jfred (verified owner)

    Great product, excellent service, fast shipping, reasonable price. I am thrilled with the purchace. Wife and I installed the 16 foot awning in a couple hours. When You find this Supplier, look no further, You can’t beat them.

  440. Emerson (verified owner)

    High quality material, excellent color and finish, was easy to install (with 2 people). I wish I had done this upgrade years ago!

  441. Mike Nestor (verified owner)

    didn’t realize product was coming from China.

  442. Terry L Bruse (verified owner)

    Great price, installation a little more involved than what was presented in the instructions. Replaced A and E fabric, 18′ in length fit well, but needed to drill more holes in opposite end of awning roller assembly, to install 2 piece plastic tubing in side folded fabric. Other than that pictures on the enclosed sheet with product a little misleading, but overall installation by 2 people, 70 yrs old, worked out ok.

  443. Steve Monteleone (verified owner)

    Very nice easy install.

  444. Barry Meyer

    The order was on time. I received exactly what I ordered. The awning was a good quality fabric. I watched a you tube video on how to install the awning…went perfect.

  445. Becky Sue Reavis (verified owner)

    Awesome price for a great quality! We ordered a 20 foot and it was perfect. We received within a week. I will absolutely use and recommend this company again!!

  446. JAMES FISHER (verified owner)


  447. Patrick phillps (verified owner)

    Easy to install but it takes 3 or 4 people it had a very small pin hole in it other than that we like it a lot .

  448. Tom Thatcher

    Very pleased. Installation went smooth. Quality fabric and workmanship at a good price 🙂

  449. Tom Thatcher

    Installation went smooth. Quality fabric and workmanship at a good price. Glad I found them!

  450. Alan Daly (verified owner)

    Great product! Easy install, just follow the directions on the website. Get the installation tool.
    I was worried about trying this myself but it went really well and the new awning looks great!

  451. Charlie Shelton

    Installation was easy, fit better than the original. Seems to be a better quality also. If you follow the instructions you should have no trouble.

  452. Thomas Conklin (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast shipping. I am 100% satisfied with price and service.

  453. rv world of hudson (verified owner)

    Great products–fast shipping
    will be buying more in future.

  454. Josh R (verified owner)

    Very pleased overall! Had a slight mishap with my order but they were very quick to respond and correct the issue! Would highly recommend

  455. g fisher


  456. Robert Natale

    Shipped quickly. Was the correct size. Fabric is perfect. We are very, very satisfied with product and company.

  457. jeff ward (verified owner)

    Love this awning replacement! Shipped fast, looks great, colors match our 5th wheel better than the original. Installation was fast and easy.

  458. Sue Lazansky (verified owner)

    Thank you so much, great product and I love the color (gray fade). Your price was really good and it arrived perfect and fast! I will use your company again if needed.

  459. Pamela J Osis-Gruner (verified owner)

    Love our new awning so far!! Will be installing it this weekend but it sounds like it will go as planned!!! Loved the price and especially the 3 year warranty!!! thank you!!! Pam

  460. Robert Cameron (verified owner)

    So I ordered. New 18 ft awning for are camper and received it 2 days later and I installed it by myself with in a hour thanks to all at this company and stay safe.

  461. tyler watson (verified owner)

    Easy to install great quality for the price
    Fast shipping definitely would deal with them agian

  462. Larry Kelley (verified owner)

    Received the 14 foot awning very quick. I haven’t installed it yet but the fabric looks great. More to follow after I install it. Great service and what appears to be a great product.

  463. Jake (verified owner)

    Perfect Fit! Great Material! Easy install, comes with everything u need! Be sure to watch the Install Video, it made it a breeze to install the new one! Highly recommend! Can’t beat the Price either!

  464. Pamela J Osis-Gruner (verified owner)

    Love our new awning!!! Price was the best and the quality seems to be there as well. We will definitely use this company if I ever need another one!! GET it!!!

  465. Jack (verified owner)

    Fast delivery , easy install , looks great

  466. Freddie D Trent (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping. Easy to install and looks great

  467. Kellee Wood (verified owner)

    Very nice, pretty color, very fast shipping, a pleasure to do business with

  468. Kellee Wood (verified owner)

    Very nice awning, pretty color (burgundy)

  469. Bobby Whitfield (verified owner)

    Great quality awnings!! Fast shipping!

  470. jeffalaska (verified owner)

    Great deal, good awning.
    Follow the struction and it’s fairly easy to install.
    Got done, stood back, took a look and saw I’d got my money’s worth with this product.
    Shipping was spot on, no hassles and packaged well.

    Thanks RVAwningsmart!

  471. Joseph E Grotto (verified owner)

    Was correct size, correct color, speedy shipment, once installed the fit was perfect.

  472. DANIEL K WALKER (verified owner)

    It was exactly as advertised. Good instructions, fit well, easy installation.

  473. Rachael (verified owner)

    We had our awning replaced when we had roofing work done on our camper. We ordered this awning because the business working on the camper could not get an awning due to back order. We ordered this and it arrived two days later and was installed immediately.
    Long story short the company who installed it is now using rvawningsmart.com as their supplier due to the quality of the product, a three-year warranty and the speed of shipping and manufacture.

  474. Christopher Santiago (verified owner)

    Excellent exactly what I want. Fitment is perfect. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know.

  475. Fred (verified owner)

    They were quick to ship and everything went smoothly. Price was good also. The plastic on the underside was an unexpected plus. It kept the underside clean when we unfolded inside the shed for installation onto the tube.

  476. Gary Good (verified owner)

    fabric was as advertised . we in stalled a 21 footer in 3 hrs. watched u tube vidio.

  477. thomas baker (verified owner)

    very happy with service had issue with fabric they sent replacement within a couple days definely would order from them again

  478. Kim (verified owner)

    We installed our new awning fabric this weekend and it is perfect. It was easy to install. Arrived quickly. Overall we are very happy with our purchase. Looking forward to an amazing camping season with a great awning. Thank you

  479. Tom K (verified owner)

    Shipped quick, and good quality. There are online instructions on youtube, and I installed it by myself in about 2 to 3 hours. Fit perfectly. I ordered the 14 foot, and it fits great.

  480. David. E Schroeder (verified owner)

    I replaced my awning material on my motor home
    I was impressed with the low price of the replacement material
    I replaced the awning myself (18′) the job was fairly easy
    Theere were not to much instruction that came but if you go on Y-tube makes it easy to install

  481. Terry (verified owner)

    The best price around. Installed it just like they said. Great material, looks like it will last for a long time.

  482. wayne duhoux (verified owner)

    Great price for what seems to be a really quality replacement fabric,looked up you tube videos before install , Just had to take my time doing it,

  483. Carl Bishoo (verified owner)

    Quick and easy. Great product and easy to install. I Recommend for anyone looking.

  484. Anthony Brown (verified owner)

    WOW. What a company. I made my order and it arrived in a timely manner. The tool was missing so I thought uh oh. Contacted the company and had a reply within 5 minutes. No problem they said and the tool arrived a couple of days later. Talk about exceeding expectations!!! I am telling all my friends not to use any one else but RVAwningsmart. Well done.

  485. David (verified owner)

    Awning was reasonably priced and got to me faster than promised. Appears to be of better quality than my original dometic awning.

  486. lennard perry

    i needed a new awning for my fifth wheel trailer. the price was reasonable and it came right away. with the online instructions it was very easy to install. the fabric quality is nice too.

  487. Devin Mitchell (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and a great product for the price. As good or better than the original awning material we had.
    Installation was a breeze

  488. Daniel Yucalevich (verified owner)

    Packaged well, Fit perfect, Looks great, I’m very happy with this product and will recommend it to other people

  489. Bob Slone

    Shipping was fast, the awning arrived in great shape. We installed it ourselves without a problem. The quality and fabrication were better than expected and it looks great! Highly recommend RV Awnings Mart for service, value and great service!

  490. Brittany Anker (verified owner)

    looks great and was easy to install

  491. Paul Mazaika (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Perfect Fit. Quick service. Best price I could find.

  492. David Honeycutt (verified owner)

    Ordered one for my camper. It’s a forest river camper 16’ canopy the one I order from y’all is as good or better than the original one!!! Will purchase again in the future. Easy to install GREAT CANOPY!!! Thanks y’all!

  493. Tammy Lawson (verified owner)

    Very easy to install with experienced person. Silicone spray makes the two piece tubing go in better, but need tool to slide the first tubing. Have just installed it and will be using on first trip soon. Roller helped tremendously!

  494. DANIEL W GRAVES (verified owner)

    16′ patio awning arrived in good condition in about 3 days, very fast. Nice looking and packaged nicely. Be sure you read the enclosed instructions carefully. I recommend purchasing the roller to insert the fabric into the awning groove on the roller, we had to fashion a tool because we did not do that. Using silicone spray is very helpful to insert cord. We did not find an exact match to our awning in the “how to” videos but after watching several, we had a pretty good idea of how it should be done. Nice fabric, all needed parts except rivets(3/16 x 3/8)) in box (and we had some of those anyway). I had 4 men on this job, it took us a couple of hours after dinner. The next one would be faster and need fewer people.

  495. DAN the Tractor MAN (verified owner)

    I ordered an awning from another company and I called to verify the installed width………….they could not give me the measurement so I canceled my order. I looked at this site and it cleanly stated that a 15ft awning measured 14ft 4 inches installed so I ordered it and it came and it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the support and information that you have available.

  496. Mark Fisher (verified owner)

    Purchased the Ocean Blue Fade awning for my 2007 Starcraft travel Star trailer. The install went perfect and it looks amazing as it did when new. The fabric appears to be very good and the match to the original was darn close. Two people and the right tools and everything went off without a hitch. Thanks for the fast delivery and quality product

  497. Andrew (verified owner)

    I ordered a replacement for my old awning. They did not have the burgundy on sale only Tan. I added a note to the tan order asking if they had a burgundy awning I would appreciate it more. Guess what the Burgundy awning turned up. So a huge thank you to the team for making it happen. It arrived quickly and it was easy to replace. The cost in my opinion is very good and the quality appears to be great. Thank you I would recommend them.

  498. Rodney (verified owner)

    Went well everyone was pleased

  499. CHARLES DETTLING (verified owner)

    I am extremely well satisfied with all aspects of this experience. I ordered the awning on a Saturday, it was shipped on Monday, and I received it Tuesday morning. Wow! A quality product at a very affordable price, with fast, free shipping. What else could I ask for. If you need a new awning, look no further. This is the place to buy it.

  500. susan schultz (verified owner)

    beautiful canopy it was installed by neighbor no way i could do this. but he did a beautiful job had the tool with roller. am very pleased with the whole deal. would order from this company again if needed.

  501. Jake (verified owner)

    Very nice fabric and fit perfectly. Looks great! Easy to change.

  502. Jim Douville

    Never even contemplated replacing the awning fabric myself, so glad I came across this site! Shipped quickly to my door and was exactly as ordered.
    After watching a couple videos online I replaced my 18’ fabric in under 2 hours BY MYSELF!!
    Thank you rvawningsmart.com!!

  503. Ryan

    It was a pleasure dealing with rvawningsmart.com site to place my order. Ease of use, and great transaction. Even when called into the shop for a question regarding my order. The call was handled in a very Professional manner! Not to mention they didn’t blow a bunch of smoke. They didn’t know the response at the time, but looked into the question and called me back promptly with an accurate answer! I would definitely deal with this company again in the future. The product arrived in a very quick time frame and looks great. Now to install and Enjoy!
    Cheers and give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

    Thanks again to those at rvawningsmart.com

  504. Robert Rasmussen (verified owner)

    We were very happy with how prompt shipping was. I received the new awning within 3 days of placing my order. The fitment was perfect. It actually fit better than the original looks great very happy will buy again!

  505. Peggy Denson (verified owner)

    The price is good. The quality is good. The delivery time was excellent!! And the Installation was easy!
    Thank you!

  506. Cory Vann (verified owner)

    The replacement material came in promptly. The material is of good quality and easy to replace. I will but from RVAwningsMart again. I will also recommend to others. Thank you.

  507. Loren Alan (verified owner)

    Awning got here on time and was much cheaper than anything in my area (CA). Fit perfectly and looks great. Great value

  508. Cole (verified owner)

    The awning I ordered for perfect for the brand it said it would fit. Was super easy with instructions to swap old one to new one, my 13 year old boy helped me replace the awning with ease. Thank you for a great product

  509. Bob Bennett (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Excellent price. Great at answering questions before purchasing. Easy to order. Excellent quality. Looks great. What more could I ask for?

  510. Dennis Pop (verified owner)

    Sorry for just leaving review. Just put it on today 5/25/21
    It was easy to put on and very happy with it.

  511. Kyrsten (verified owner)

    Seems like a great product! My husband was able to do most of the replacement fabric by himself, with help from me when inserting the cords through the grooves. Took a little muscle and about 2 hours to complete, but looks great and fits perfectly! We are taking it out for the first time next weekend, so haven’t actually used the awning yet, but we aren’t anticipating any problems.

  512. Rebecca Kidd (verified owner)

    This was a first time replacement and was fairly easy to install. Getting the tool to install was a surprise and was very handy. Getting the second rod in was the hardest part but with spraying some extra lubricant on helped push it through. We have not used it yet but hope to within the next couple of weeks.

  513. Floyd (verified owner)

    Awesome place to order awnings from. We ordered one and it came quick and was the exact right size as the description says. Easy to install and very nice quality. Will order again for sure

  514. Gary Cochran (verified owner)

    I could not believe how easy this was. The awning showed up at my front door 2 days after ordering it. Followed the instructions and in just a couple hours, the awning was finished. I will highly recommend awning mart to anyone needing a new awning. We Also purchased the privacy screen.

  515. Kurt (verified owner)

    Looks good and strong. I used YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnxDLPDoVCc — to learn how to install it myself.

  516. Walt Bennett

    Very easy to work with professional people! My slide topper canvases arrived quickly too!

  517. David Sugg (verified owner)

    very nice replacement fabric and easy to install. Looks great

  518. Shari M (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast, replacement awning price was great, installation went well with no cussing…lol. We were recommended to buy from here from fellow campers and now we recommend others to do the same.

  519. jeff crouch (verified owner)

    quick shipping and was easy to install… I did it by myself with the help of a rope tide to a tall step ladder and a nearby garage to hold up the fabric while I slide it it on.
    I’m ready to go…

  520. Michael Mrotz (verified owner)

    Great product. Fast shipping. Great price!

  521. Jim Kindred (verified owner)

    I have never done business with RV Awning Mart before but I will do it with then from now on. They got my product to me on time and it was great, it had instructions and a phone number if I had any questions, they were quite plane and I had no problems. Great company!

  522. Larry (verified owner)

    awning fabric is great.Shipping it to canada was very fast.Every thing went good.Happy with my awning fabric.

  523. Larry Root (verified owner)

    I am happy with my awning fabric.Arrived six days after ordering.Very nice looking awning.Easy to install.The roller type installation tool would be a good thing to have and a can of spray lubricant.Overall,great awning.

  524. Richard (verified owner)

    Great fit and looks great!’

  525. Marilyn Daniels (verified owner)

    The awning was shipped and received very quickly. It is of a good weight and the color is exactly as shown on the website. We had it professionally installed and things went very smoothly. We are very pleased!

  526. belld416 (verified owner)

    We ordered this for our Gulfstream class c. We got it quick and it was very easy to install. It took me and my wife maybe 30 minutes to remove the old awning and replace it with the new one. Very well made and matched quite nicely.

  527. Jane Lake (verified owner)

    Good quality. Nice looking. fit.

  528. edl (verified owner)

    Everything turned out great after 2 hours of novice effort with 2 people. It got here in just a couple of days. We took the longer installation path of taking the end cap off by drilling out the rivets and working with the internal spring. Do get some silicone spray and run the tool on top of the cord occasionally as well to flatten as pushing is easier. Our was 14 feet wide and was easy to do. Completely satisfied with the awning and we now have a sense of DIY accomplishment.

  529. Charles Higgins (verified owner)

    We’ve had the awning (16’ Gray Fade) for about two months. The quality seems to be on par with awnings much more expensive and certainly as good as the OEM that I replaced. The top section of about 4’ (much to my surprise) was translucent, similar to a sky light. Very nice and brightened up the covered area a bit. My wife and I put it on in about three hours. We took our time and cleaned everything before installing the new awning. We also unwound the springs, drilled out the rivets and checked out all parts for damaged. Found the OEM service manual on line and used it for reference. Instructions from RV Awnings Mart were included. Also, online videos were a big help, what to do AND what NOT to do. We did not cut, break any gussets, or modify any of the original parts as some assembly methods recommended. Use information from all available sources. They all have something to offer. Delivery was as expected, prompt and arrived in good shape. I would definitely buy this product again.

  530. Andrew (verified owner)

    Product was just what I ordered. It fits great and looks fantastic.

  531. Roger P. (verified owner)

    The order process for our standard size awning was quick and easy. The new awning came in a week and fit perfectly. My wife and I have done 4 awnings over the years and this was another easy install.

  532. Vernon Bryce (verified owner)

    I appreciate honest reviews. It was a great price and ordering was easy and it was shipped right away. I saw the other reviews talk about the second rod for the roller is not sewn in but it came with a sticher tool and we used cooking spray to lube it when pushing it in and it pushed in some what easy. My wife used the sticher tool just ahead of the cord while i push the cord into the grove. the fabric was just as thick as what i took off and as thick as any other canopy fabric that i see on other campers.

  533. Darrin (verified owner)

    Great customer service and prices were good also. Would use again without any worries at all. Shipping was really fast.

  534. Jim Hood (verified owner)

    I received my awning and sunshade in four days. Easier than I thought to install and the quality is great for the price! I didn’t leave this review until we had used it on four trips. It is holding up nicely and I highly recommend these guys!

  535. Jill (verified owner)

    Product came quickly. Relatively easy to install. Price was good. Definately easier to install with 3 people and proper size ladders. Read instructions or watch video before hand and you could save time and money for sure! over all really happy with the product and company.

  536. Robert L Moyer (verified owner)

    Great prices, fast free delivery, easy use wed site, quality products, I would purchase from them again

  537. Mark Osborne

    The Fabric was of a good Quality. Actually better than the original Fabric. I was able to install the Fabric in just a very short time. I will most definitely be purchasing from them again.

  538. Sherm (verified owner)

    Purchased this mid-2020 but didn’t get around to installing it until July 0f 2021. Love the quality, and everything needed was included. Will definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of an awning.

    Super fast delivery, too!

  539. kevin (verified owner)

    worked like a charm easy peazy.. thanks

  540. Dennis Heino (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Wife and I had no problem installing it.

  541. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Our awning was installed this week. The install technician thought it was a high quality material and he didn’t have any problems with the installation. Shipping was fast. . . I placed the order very early on a Friday morning and it was delivered on Saturday. Very happy with the purchase and would definitely recommend

  542. john wachoski (verified owner)

    on time the right size. thank you’ll

  543. Alan Thompson (verified owner)

    I just got my awning installed today. I don’t often review products but this one has been exceptional. Shipping was quick and the packaging was above and beyond what I have come to expect for this type of product. Quality of the product is what I hoped it would be. As for installation, my wife and I did it in about an hour after I had removed the old awning and prepped things. As with most things, follow the instruction guide closely and take your time and everything should work well. Would certainly recommend this product to everyone.

  544. M.D.F. (verified owner)

    My husband and son installed it today. Went on fairly easy. We like the quality of the fabric and the uncomplicated design. We ordered the grey but we really like the mostly white on top and underneath. It will surely be cooler than our previous awning, which only lasted two years and was black and grey. Price was excellent.

  545. DAVID MCCLENDON (verified owner)

    good quality fast shipping easy installed thanks

  546. Adam (verified owner)

    Our order shipped quickly, new awning material looks great (grey fade) and sure feels/looks high-quality for a reasonable price. Ordering was simple too. I’d suggest having three people to help install, as well as a can of spray silicone lubricant!

  547. Colleen Gallagher (verified owner)

    Great price and fast delivery

  548. Roger Geisler (verified owner)

    ordered and arrived quickly. Went online to look at instructions and was easy to replace

  549. Michael D Mullins (verified owner)

    Quick ,fast delivery . It looks amazing and we love it. Thank you so much RVAwingsMart.

  550. Michael Conner (verified owner)

    Overall the product met my expectations. the pull down ribbon was not very good, and not really usable. the shipping was surprising quick. would buy here again.

  551. Elbert (verified owner)

    I installed the awning according to the instructions provided both in print and online. Everything went well except that the silicone spray started to dissolve the awning material. I contacted RV Awnings Mart with a description and pictures of the issue and they replaced it right away. The awning is slightly shorter (away from the trailer) than the original which changes where the release mechanism is situated when rolled up, but that is not too much of an inconvenience. I was especially impressed with the quick, friendly customer service. I would definitely recommend this product.

  552. Marie Nowak (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery! Installation went well. Make sure you follow all the steps in the correct order. We ran some candle wax along the track on the camper and that helped the new one glide right into place easily. Fabric seems sturdy. I wish the fading color would cover more but it’s ok.

  553. Cathy Martin (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, everything included you needed to install. Fast delivery, great price. Will do use again.

  554. Rodger Earll (verified owner)

    The awning material was easy to install. It is a great price for a great product. Thank you

  555. Brandon Ness (verified owner)

    Replaced the slide out cover and it worked perfectly. Super fast delivery. Easier to install than expected. Me and my teenage daughter handled it by ourselves. I was also quite surprised at how inexpensive this was to do it myself.

  556. Tim Driscoll

    delivered before the date, this is an excellent product, great quality and easy to install.

  557. james mills (verified owner)

    Looks great 👍
    Hard work but the results are worth the effort.

  558. Dave Kingtalik (verified owner)

    Was such an easy and quick install, and the price was less than half of what I expected to pay for a replacement awning . Bonus was they included the tool for the valance bead install which I thought was something you had to buy extra . No complaints !

  559. Brandon Ness (verified owner)

    Super easy DIY project. Great team builder with the family.

  560. Tony Henry (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Price was great. Fabric looked great and wasn’t to hard to install, just had to watch a you tube video to figure it out. Instructions with fabric was a little vague.

  561. R Roth (verified owner)

    I was highly disappointed, my original awning fabric was decimated by a storm so I went to the dealer to see about getting it replaced, the price he quoted would have bought me a new Motorhome and yacht. then I said I will buy it online and do it myself, Well he gave me this unbelievable horror story how I would cause myself great bodily harm and maybe even death and and at the least lose both arms by flying shrapnel doing it myself. Well I ended up highly let down because I found RV Awnings and I ordered a high quality replacement fabric that installed quite easily and looks FANTASTIC ,, AND saved a ton of money. I had to call a couple of times because I was not sure I was doing it correctly and the young lady that helped me was the best. SO the product is great , the price is great and the people at RVAWNING MART are great. and sadly no major injuries per the dealers dire warnings.

  562. Lee Carey (verified owner)

    Best replacement awning on the market, great price, great shipping, easy installation. I believe this to be the 5th one I have purchased or recommended for purchase. I had an issue with the purchase, my fault, and needed to contact these guys, real people answer the phone and can help you out. Thanks guys!

  563. David Cooke (verified owner)

    Awning fabric was easy to work with. I did most of the job by myself. Hardest part was inserting the welting pieces on the 20 ft awning.

  564. J.Miller (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Fairly simple install for the wife and I. Fits better than what was replaced. Helpful videos on youtube.

  565. KEVIN ALLEN (verified owner)

    My original was so old it literally fell off the side of my RV. I bought a replacement it fit perfectly and was easy to install. Thank you for the commonsense website, it made purchasing easy.

  566. Bob Poorman (verified owner)

    Installed last week. Looks great. Fast shipping. Would recommend. Fits perfect. Reputable company. Very happy with product. Thank You……..

  567. Schelly (verified owner)

    We finally had a chance to install our replacement awning. It really was easy, but having 3 people for the first part was helpful. It looks great and feels like it will wear well. The size and color was out of stock and customer service was always cheerful and helpful the several times I called to check availability.

  568. Michael ORourke (verified owner)

    Great experience thus far. Order was received much sooner than anticipated. Install was fairly straightforward (2 people). Quality of product seems great (time will tell). Instructions could be a bit better. What would be really helpful is a how-to video. Also, for my install I removed the end cap with the ratcheting mechanism (be careful since it is under a lot of tension) rather than drill a hole and cut a slot for the fabric to slide in and out.

  569. Mona (verified owner)

    Our 16′ awning arrived quickly and seems to be good material. We did have difficulty getting the first piece of cord to feed which put a lot of stress on the single stitch seam and put some wear on the fabric. It was not easy to feed it thru but fortunately the feeding the second cord went much easier once we got it started. The silicone and roller helped. Now we’ll see how well it holds up.

  570. robert (verified owner)

    excellent product for a fair price and delivery was fast and installation was a cake walk thankyou rv awnings mart

  571. Robert (verified owner)

    Nice fabric and fast shipping makes it a winner!

  572. Randy Bohn (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. fit perfect looks to be good quality

  573. Rodney (verified owner)

    I had a problem with my awning within the warranty period and it was replaced immediately. Great service!

  574. TED L COLFLESH (verified owner)

    We installed our new awning today and it is great! The fabric is a very high quality cover. It was very easy with the included items to do the install. Product Quality, Price, FastShipping and Customer Service is exceptional!

  575. Michael Clifton (verified owner)

    Got my awning installed. Everything went well. The installation tool however wasn’t much help. The plastic wheel wasn’t working very well. Other than that everything went well.

  576. T. Wilford (verified owner)

    This new awning fabric worked out really well. I had replaced/installed an entire awning before but never just the fabric. Was easier then I thought it would be. Got to have two people for sure. Very pleased so far. Will check in out camping this weekend.

  577. Kevin P

    Perfect fit with fast delivery. Thank you for the service.

  578. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Was so much cheaper to replace the fabric on our rv awning than I ever imagined. Good value.

  579. Shelton Koon

    Great price, great product, fast delivery! I have used the other big brands but was much more impressed with rvawningsmart.com.

  580. Carl Key

    Arrived promptly and fit perfectly. Very pleased with service.

  581. Claudio (verified owner)

    I love the quality of the material! I know this awning will last a while. To replace it, I suggest 2-3 people, or more. So get some help, but nothing out of this world. Watch the videos and have the tools ready. We have an electric awning and our only error was to let the torqued end slip. It can be dangerous, so be careful. We didn’t know how many turns to turn it, so it took two tries. One with 7 and the second one with 14 did the job. Torque it the direction a ball would turn it if rolled down. Hope that helps. I would strongly recommend RVAwningsmart! Thank you for your great product.

  582. Hank Holmes

    Ordered a pull rod from this company because of the projected receivable date and the price. It arrived a day early. Kudos deserved.


    Time will tell but the replacement fabric appears to be of good quality and the fit perfect. The DIY installation went well and it looks great.

  584. James White (verified owner)

    This is my second replacement awning fabric from rvawningsmart! The first lasted 5 years in the blazing Texas sun. Can’t ask more than that from a plastic product. The new one fit perfectly, just like the first one. Very fast shipping, and great price.

  585. Julian Wishon (verified owner)

    I ordered an 18’ awning and received it on time and as shown without any defects. It was not extremely easy to install but the cottect tools were provided included rods and roller. The quality seems good, time willing tell.

  586. Jeff (verified owner)

    perfect fit for my 2011 jayco greyhawk. Was a little tricky getting the fabric installed and needed 2 of my sons to help install it on the camper but I’m extremely satisfied.

  587. Henry (verified owner)

    Awning is far better than the one Camping World wanted to sell me and $140.00 cheaper. Installation was a breeze, but definingly need three people to install.

  588. Jason (verified owner)

    This is a quality replacement product at a very reasonable price. I installed the new vinyl on my awning myself in a couple of hours, it fit better than the prior fabric that was installed by a dealer. Delivery was super-fast as well. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  589. Karen Cena (verified owner)

    Love the awning. It arrived quickly and was easy to install. It matches our travel trailer perfectly. I couldn’t be more pleased

  590. Jack H Blauwkamp (verified owner)

    Great awning, exactly as described. I installed it myself, ( with 2 extra guys). I used an installation method from watching a u-tube video. Worked as expected. Hope it lasts hear in the heat of Florida.

  591. Dale Phillips (verified owner)

    Appears to be an excellent quality product. Haven’t installed yet as I live in the midwest and the rv is in winter storage for now. Had a great experience with customer service and highly recommend this company. Thanks!!!!

  592. luis

    great product as described, will buy again

  593. Ladd S

    Tool made install easier and fabric fit great.

  594. David McGuinness (verified owner)

    Great product and a great price. Had to contact customer support with a question. I got a very fast response.

  595. Dwain Clark (verified owner)

    Easier than what I thought to install

  596. James P Hulstedt (verified owner)

    Very happy with these awnings. This is my second one. We are full time and almost always have our awning out. Thy are pretty good value for the money and with free shipping that’s a good deal. I think the previous one lasted more than 4 years and we spend a lot of time in the south. The vinyl eventually cracked down at the corners and just the fibers inside where holding it for maybe the last year. All in all I think its a good value. I just hate putting them on!

  597. Mark Irwin (verified owner)

    I am giving this a 5 star because the awning fabric was very sturdy and I loved the look.
    The customer service was very polite, helpful and resolved my issue professionally.
    I do recommend them highly.

  598. Harvey Jones (verified owner)

    Great service, quick delivery and easy installation.

  599. Mary Ruthven

    Just received our 16′ awning and were very pleased with it. It was shipped immediately and packaged great. They use foam rollers in-between so it eliminates heavy crease lines. We ordered the blue fade and it’s really nice looking. The quality of the material looks outstanding and we are hoping for many good years with it. The installation went well. Overall, we are very pleased with this product and will definitely order from them again for our smaller awnings, if needed.

  600. Debbie Hill-Scarborough (verified owner)

    We ordered your product and it arrived within a week. We put it on our RV yesterday. It was a perfect fit. It was very easy to install. It only took use a little over an hour to remove the old one, clean area and place the new one on. Looks great. Very reasonable priced . We are very pleased.

  601. joej1957 (verified owner)

    One of the best companies i have ever done business was missing some parts and emailed them and that was all it took , they are sending the missing parts out right away. great service with more companies would take a lesson from rv awning mart.

  602. Gary Meyer (verified owner)

    Got it in a week for less money than others. Installation was a struggle. I think my top rail had damage, check that. I used teflon spray, but use something!

  603. Patrick Stull (verified owner)

    I installed my awning and it went well until I had to put the second rod in that plastic I wished had already been installed but it was a good price I also got the shade it was so easy to put in and looks great

  604. roy parker (verified owner)

    looks good, but have not installed it yet.

  605. Leo Draegert (verified owner)

    Ordered got what I ordered now waiting for a calm day to install.

  606. Gary McCartney

    Well Made Product Great Price and very fast shiping

  607. chase nail (verified owner)

    fast delivery , was worth the price
    2 guys 1st time doing one went easy
    highly recomended

  608. Garry Coe (verified owner)

    Ordered replacement awning material, received 4 days later and installed with no issues .Fit was perfect. The price was excellent. Forgot to mention I live in Ontario Canada

  609. JOHN W DAVIS JR (verified owner)

    Looks and fits great. Easy to install

  610. Meri (verified owner)

    Very easy to install with just 2 people, but having a 3rd set of hands on a few parts helped! Good quality material. Came packaged nicely. Easy to follow instructions but we also used a YouTube DIY video that was super helpful!

  611. Ken Osada (verified owner)

    Arrived sooner than expected and looks very good. Will install at first oppportunity.

  612. Tom F

    Excellent value, good quality at reasonable price (110 inch). Install went fairly smooth except that old awning fabric was also long (18″ slide with 4′ fabric) and rolling that last few turns on the drum gets progressively more difficult as the spring tightens. Used a long screwdriver in tube hole to get additional leverage. Otherwise install went well. Having a helper is a big plus.

  613. Nelson Chambers (verified owner)

    great price, arrived quickly, easy to install. Also they were one of the few places that gave ‘actual width’.

  614. Tammi Arends (verified owner)

    Ordered an awning and it came within 2 days (WOW). Unfortunately I ordered wrong size. called company and there was no hassle at all to exchange it for the right size. As soon as they received the wrong awning they shipped a new one and it came within 2 days again. The staff was very helpful and exceptionally nice.
    We feel the quality of the replacement awning is better than the awning that was originally on our trailer and installation was easy.
    I would highly recommend RV Awnings Mart to anyone that needs an awning.

  615. L Tucker (verified owner)

    GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT PRICE, came in 3 days. Looks great. Super happy with customer service as well.

  616. CHRIS PITRE (verified owner)

    I installed the awning with a couple buddies in like 45 min it went very smoothe. Just a pointer that one of my friends suggested is to cut a slit in end caps in stead of drilling out the rivets as so many videos show on you tube. This was a real game changer as we didnt have to relieve the tension in spring and new unit slid right into the slot we cut and reemed out with dremel tool. only complaint is the plastic wheel is super cheap and flimsy a double wheel would work 10 times better and we used a heavy duty ceramic pizza roller that worked phenominal. Overall happy with the product and shipping was super fast.

  617. L Tucker (verified owner)

    This place is amazing! Ordered late Sunday night and was here We’d morning. Great awning, great price. The customer service was off the chart

  618. Mary Ann Weber (verified owner)

    Happy with my replacement awning. Great price, quick shipping and great material..

  619. Gayle Bourassa (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. Ordered online, no issues. Awning came quickly. Good quality. Husband and son replaced it in an afternoon. Love it!!

  620. Donna Kay Tannahill (verified owner)

    Great quality. Easy to install. quick delivery. Great Price

  621. Kathy Fye (verified owner)

    An RV shop quoted us $700 to replace the awning; decided to order fabric from RV Awnings Mart & try doing it ourselves. For $138 and only 1.5 hrs of time [help of 4 people total], we accomplished it successfully on our own [saved $550]. Absolutely pleased. Instructions, material & tools made it simple; also watched a YouTube video online of someone doing the same thing – made it flawless! So glad we did it ourselves.

  622. Ken horkavy

    Excellent product, excellent support, excellent warranty, excellent pricing. Just excellent.

  623. Kristy Griffith (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it…Ordered the 18 ft gray one for my JayCo. Took 2 men 1 hour. Great quality. Free shipping…
    I would order again in a minute!!

  624. Sharon Boonstra (verified owner)

    Awning was exactly what we needed and looks great, Great quality and easy installation with many helpers.

  625. sarah rose gross

    only time will tell, but with warranty and what feels and performs like a quality product, I’m happy

  626. Chris (verified owner)

    A fantastic high-quality very reasonably priced awning and prompt worry-free shipping to Canada including easy-to-follow installation instructions for the doit yourself RV owner, thankyou RV Awnings Mart for the excellent product, your company will be my choice for any future awning purchases. “Chris Stevenson British Columbia Canada”

  627. Mike lebenich (verified owner)

    three days shipping, Great Price, installed with no problems, great quality, better than original Thanks mike

  628. Jim Harrison

    I ordered a replacement RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric for a client. It arrived on time and as described. The fabric quality was better than one I installed for a client that purchased their own from somewhere else. It was simple to install and good quality. I will order from AwningMart again and will recommend to other technicians.

  629. Kevin (verified owner)

    I’m super happy with it ,and a great price!! And Fast shipping!!

  630. Larry Weir (verified owner)

    Easy order,watched installation video,received awning in timely manner,installation went well.Very pleased.

  631. jefftiflye3 (verified owner)

    Happy with the purchase. Easy install! Matches nicely!

  632. James Clark (verified owner)

    super fast and free shipping very easy install

  633. Kenneth Dennison (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the delivery (arrived within 2 days), the quality, and the ease of the installation. I had concerns with installation with the awning being so large (20′ in length) but it was a breeze!!

  634. Michael Hayes (verified owner)

    Excellent price, fast shipping, great customer service for answering questions. The awning was high quality material and easy to install. So glad I purchased from RV Awnings Mart . Would highly recommend , you won’t be disappointed.

  635. David L Brown (verified owner)

    Awinging seems to be of similar quality of the original Dometic Sun Chaser. Installation was pretty straight forward.

  636. David Sharpe

    I have the awning installed by my 2 sons. Everything went well and wife is very happy. that’s all that counts!

  637. Steven Fliehs (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery! It fit perfectly! Thank You. Steve

  638. Grant Schaaf (verified owner)

    Fast shipping…easy to install…plastic wrapped kept it off the floor during installation…will test it next weekend, glad to have the new fabric…should have done this sooner.

  639. Clarence Tennison (verified owner)

    Great Price

  640. Theresa Hurdle

    Excellent quality fast shipping would definitely recommend this product

  641. Jim (verified owner)

    I replaced both the main awning and the slide out cover on my RV. I wasn’t sure about ordering details, so I called the help number, got a person and she was very patient answering my noobie questions. So, I placed my order. The package arrived quickly and in good shape. Last weekend, my wife, daughter and I installed the new fabric. I agree with one of the other reviewers that it’s a bit of a pain getting the second plastic cord installed. But, we got it . The main awning fabric looks good. The thickness of the fabric seemed to be a bit thinner than the original. This may be an illusion as the old fabric was pretty brittle. Anyway, once we got the fabric on the tube and put everything back together, it opened and closed easily and cleanly. We were very pleased. On to the slide-out. At this point, there were only two of us to do the install. We had to cut down the length to match my camper, which I knew was the case. We moved slowly and cautiously and got it installed, without issue.
    All in all, the quality looks good, service was great and shipping was fast. Fingers crossed.

  642. Peter Zinni (verified owner)

    Courteous and knowledgeable representatives. Shipped same day. Fabric appears to be of high quality and installation was straight forward.

  643. David Barrett (verified owner)

    I have the fabric installed now, it took me and my wife about 2 hours to complete without any prior knowledge of how it disassembled, the fabric seems to be well made and the kit came with everything that was needed for a proper installation, it looks better than the original.

  644. Chris (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and awnings appear to be of good quality. The are some inconsistencies in the stitching on the end of the valance but it’s just a cosmetic issue so I’m fine with it. The burgundy color I ordered turned out to have a more purple look to it than I was expected but no big deal. These are the reasons I didn’t give a 5 star rating. Overall I think these are a very good value and would recommend them.

  645. Chad Swearengin (verified owner)

    The product is very good quality especially for the cost. It was a little tricky to get the second rod/ rubber cable started but once we figured it out it was fine. Took about two hours for my nephew and I to swap it.

  646. P Henning (verified owner)

    A perfect fit, great price. Took a buddy and I about 1.75 hrs to install. Will be recommend to other.

  647. David (verified owner)

    I needed a new awning after my became brittle and was separating. I ordered the new replacement in hopes of getting it before we left for vacation in 5 days. I was amazed that I received it in 1 day (Indiana). I was able to follow their instructions they provide and replaced it our self at a fraction of the cost. In fact our local RV dealer wanted 6x the amount for just the fabric, not including installation. Looks great and was much needed. I would order and do it again in the future.

  648. John Essmyer (verified owner)

    Great service And product, and a fair price.

  649. Mike Fish (verified owner)

    The delivery was quick! Installers had now problems and the installation was completed in less than 2 hours.

  650. KGDC (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the price as well as the coloring. Looking forward to that first camp set-up

  651. Tony C (verified owner)

    So far so good! Material does not seem as heavy as what I removed, but it looks tough enough. The weather guard section is rather long, I see that as a plus. I had help to feed the awning, but otherwise did it all my self. The second rod part was tricky, but it went along well enough. Price and delivery were top notch. I would happily recommend.

  652. Riley G (verified owner)

    The awning was as described on the website and came very quickly. I do wish that it was stated online that the fabric came with the cord and installation tool. I spent extra money on it and it was included with the awning. It did take 3 to 4 people to install, but overall it was pretty easy when following the online directions. The quality of the fabric seems good. Overall we are very happy with our purchase and are glad to have a dry and shady place to sit on our camping trips!

  653. Dave (verified owner)

    Very nice and awning fabric was all it was said to be. My installer said it was a quality product.

  654. Glenna (verified owner)

    I had never ordered anything like this before and the gentleman that answered the phone was very helpful, kind and courteous. I ordered the awning fabric on Monday and received it on Tuesday. Our friends helped put the awning on at the campgrounds and was completed quickly. It looks awesome.

  655. Cindy Eckerd (verified owner)

    We ordered (3) slideout awning covers, a regular awning, and a shade screen. Shipping was very fast and the pieces are very nice for the price. My husband and I installed them ourselves. We did receive an awning tool for the regular awning and it worked perfect! We used dawn dish detergent for our lubricant. I would highly recommend this company.

  656. Jeff (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, just the right size. Our new RV awning looks and works great. Thanks!

  657. rt1967 (verified owner)

    Good quality and great price.

  658. Charles Alexander Jr (verified owner)

    Great product at a fair price Well packed for shipping, on time and easy to install.

  659. Debi (verified owner)

    WONDERFUL – replacing our camper awning fabric was a bit daunting – but after reading reviews stated on your website and at the advice of reviews a few tutorial youtube videos – it’s DONE! My husband and I had it done (yes just 2 of us) in a little over an hour with a drink break in between! We’ve also had other campground residents ask if we’d replace theirs – Fabric is great – color was exact and everything was perfect! We did use ladders and plank between each to be able to walk along our camper with ease!

  660. Nancy StDenis (verified owner)

    Quality fabric. Great price and color selections. Fast delivery. Instillation was easy.

  661. Richard Jones (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, quality covers/canopy Installed nicely. Looks great. Will do business again.

  662. Skip Lien (verified owner)

    Looks like a quality awning and the price was right. Arrived with great instructions and was easy to install..

  663. doug (verified owner)

    ordered 21ft length, fit well. The fabric seems nice, hopefully it holds up, only installed 2 weeks ago. pushing the plastic rod into roller was kinda tricky, the installation tool to push fabric into groove worked well, price very fair.

  664. Linda Habeck (verified owner)

    Our awning was destroyed in a hail storm. We contacted rv awnings mart. They helped us determine the size awning we
    needed. We ordered it on Monday. It arrived on Wednesday. Perfect fit. Wonderful directions to replace the awning. We were ready to go camping in just a few days. I would recommend them, and will buy from again, oif We find We need a new awning.

  665. David Garrett (verified owner)

    Excellent experience. Easy to place order, arrived in a few days, easy to install. My wife and I are over 65 and it took us about an hour with two ladders. There are multiple YouTube videos to guide you. We completely released the spring pressure and reset the tension. The quality of the final appears to be good

  666. Ronald Benecke (verified owner)

    Awning was a perfect fit. Shipping was fast and free. Everything was as it was advertised. Very happy. Will buy from here again.

  667. Robert Sullivan (verified owner)

    This is a easy a simple site to get your new awning replaced, they have good quality products, we are very satisfied with our awning.

  668. Clide marsh (verified owner)

    I love my new awning. Got to me faster then I thought also.

  669. Larry

    Excellent customer service. I made an error ordering and they fixed the mistake and did a refund . thank you.

  670. Wendy Coleman

    My awning fabric arrived within the time stated.
    Happy with the look and quality

  671. James Ward

    good quality easy to install. would buy again

  672. Lisa Smith (verified owner)

    Great price for awning. Watched a few Youtube videos, had a couple helpers and was easy to replace.

  673. Randy (verified owner)

    I ordered a 21 foot replacement fabric it fit perfect and installation was very easy. My fabric came with the tool to push the awning fabric into the second groove, which I didn’t expect but greatly appreciated. The price was a lot less than other fabric dealers I would recommend RV Awnings Mart!

  674. Matthew M OBrien (verified owner)

    Ordered fabric and it came in 3 days. Fit perfect, easy to install with good instructions. What else could you ask for.

  675. Bill Cloutier

    Great product at an economic price point.

  676. Paul Clark (verified owner)

    Nice product, fast service, I made error in measurement and was quickly sent another when I sent that one back.

  677. Chance (verified owner)

    Good price, good warranty, fast shipping.
    The kit came with a roller for install and new pull strap which was nice. Only thing that would have made it better would be is the second rod was sewn into the awning so you didn’t have to slide in the plastic rod, but other than that all good!

  678. Greg (verified owner)

    Installed awning 2 weeks ago. We love it! Nice heavy duty multi ply fabric at a very reasonable price. The colors on both sides was a pleasant surprise. Shipping was free and arrived in a few days. No complaints at all!! We are happy campers with this purchase!!

  679. Jeffrey Cook (verified owner)

    Great price great product easy to install

  680. Jeffrey Cook (verified owner)

    Don’t waste your time to look elsewhere you would not find better deal .fast delivery great product great price .

  681. CSCHULTZ (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC price,FAST shipping, EASY installation!!! We ordered the 16ft fabric and it fit better than the original fabric. Our RV has a motorized awning and we installed the new fabric quite easily for two people with no experience. The customer service was great in answering the questions we had prior to purchase. It arrived earlier than expected! I’m so pleased that we chose to purchase from this site! Thanks for saving us hundreds of dollars!

  682. Don (verified owner)

    Awning was delivered as advertised, seems to be of good quality, easy to install with just 2 people. Looks great on the camper!

  683. Mark (verified owner)

    Good selection, good price, fast shipping, great fit. Highly recommend buying & using their products.

  684. wes copeland (verified owner)

    awning is installed and it was easy with 3 people to assist. One sugesstion; the plastic cord that you have to slide into the folded awning with roller ( pizza cutter ), the cord should have small holes drilled partially through the ends so a small pick can be inserted to assist by pulling the cord through as a second person pushes from the other end. I inserted the cords both from one end as most directions on youtube suggested removing only one end of the tube. hope this helps others

  685. Wayne Chandler (verified owner)

    Fantastic awning! Heavy duty material. Took about an hour for two people to install. Bonus it comes with installation roller tool and replacement strap. Packed with foam at the folds so no heavy creases! Flattened out in about 10 minutes in the sun. The only issue was a few stitches were torn on the edge of the valance, but a little superglue fixed that so they don’t unravel. Love the teal/green stripe on both sides. I highly recommend!! May buy the slide awning next.

  686. Jeffrey L Williams (verified owner)

    great product fast delivery easy to follow instructions

  687. Greg Otten (verified owner)

    New awning looks great. I didn’t have any helpers, and it took about 4 hours to install.

  688. Anthony Bipes (verified owner)

    awesome kit and made the awning replacement soooo easy. thank you

  689. JR Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Ordered a patio awning replacement for my Winnebago. Fast shipment, very good quality, excellent price, product installed very easily. Very happy with the service and product.

  690. Barb Hoban (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and good quality, very easy to install.

  691. Christian Bietry (verified owner)

    Received my awning in a timely fashion and was able to replace my old awning while I was camping, the whole process took less than 40 min! I highly recommend you use their sizing chart and helpful how to video.

  692. Wes Bookamer (verified owner)

    Ordered a 10′ awning fabric replacement. Received it quickly. Installed it, with my wife’s help, in less than 2 hours. Thanks for a great product.

  693. Danielle (verified owner)

    Easy install. Looks great. Fit perfectly. Followed the recommended measuring guide provided by RVAwningsMart

  694. Chris

    Great price and easy to install.

  695. Troy (verified owner)

    These are great awnings for the price. I purchased one for both of my trailers and they look great!! I have recommended these to all the park members. Thanks!!

  696. Ken Horkavy

    This company stands behind their products. Had a new screen with a faulty grommet, they replaced it within 48 hours. They said it would take a week, but it was here so fast. I will buy from them again, superior quality, supeior support and thicker than other screens I’ve used.

  697. Road Dawg (verified owner)

    Make sure you use the silicone spray. 18 footer went on with out any problems. I would recommend

  698. Mary Linderman (verified owner)

    We ordered a replacement awning for our camper from another company. It was shipped and delivered over 100 miles away. The company replaced it with a used awning with rips. Never could get my money back. Found this company online, before ordering my husband called them. They were kind, considerate and very helpful. The other awnings said 18 ft and fabric would be 17 ft 2” which is what we needed but nit what we got. This company makes their awnings and shipped it out the very same day. Instructions were great and we replaced it in about two hours. Fabric was the correct length and color. It fit perfectly. It looks fantastic! I wont order from anyone else now this is my go to company. They are awesome! Thank you so much.

  699. Sheri Pyle (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! Looks beautiful!

  700. Mike’s Mobile RV Repair & Yabba Dabba Poo black tank cleaning( Houston) (verified owner)

    ok, so i ordered the new fabric, awning, and my customer wanted to wait until his winter break, which is now, to replace the awning. We replaced it in an hour or so. Super easy, directions were great. Super pleased with the awning. Going toorder one my my own rig next.

  701. Garrett S. (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about the price and mixed reviews I have seen, but the whole ordering process has been great. It arrived very quickly, I wound up researching the best and easiest way to replace the canvas on my awning tube and what I had done was add two slots to the tube cap where it attaches to the arm.
    I did go thru about 2 cans of silicone spray, and a little right angle pick worked great for pulling the cord through to the end.
    This is a 2 person job, to ensure that the canvas loads into the slide track correctly.
    The material seems to be very heavy, and durable. Hoping it’ll last longer than the original I had replaced, living in FL.
    I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new canvas.

  702. Brandon E. (verified owner)

    Our original multi-layer awning was cracking and separating. So, I needed to find a new awning fabric. After some research, I found this on company and decided to order it. When it came it was packed very well and the product was in pristine condition. With a little help from my wife and one of my kids, we were able to replace the awning and it looks excellent. I also noticed that it is much more resistant to the water stains than the original fabric.

  703. Tom thompson (verified owner)

    I was skeptical because of a good price but the product’s great when an easy looks good and looks a good quality very happy.

  704. JON GOODMAN (verified owner)

    After a recent storm, I noticed that my awning had ripped at the top where it connects to the RV. I ordered a new 18′ awning in Ocean Blue Fade online and when I reviewed the order , it showed a different color. I immediately sent an email indicating the correct color. By the next morning I received a new order showing the correct color. I received my awning 6 days later (including the weekend) so it got shipped really fast. Thanks for the great job!

  705. Travis (verified owner)

    Fabric came in a timely manner. Product looked to be good quality. Would defiantly use them again.

  706. Dom B. (verified owner)

    Totally satisfied with this purchase. The awning arrived in a timely fashion, all parts were included and the awning is now installed. The 90-day return policy was important for my purchase because I ordered it in the beginning of March and didn’t know when I would be able to even unpack it and install it. It was reassuring to know that if something was wrong with the order, the awning could be returned.

  707. Ron (verified owner)

    This replacement awning is much nicer than the orginal, heavier weight and very nice color. Installation was pretty easy with a second set of hands. I can’t speak about longevity just yet but if it last half as long as my 13 year old awning I would be happy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to replace. Shipping was fast, I ordered late on a Monday night and had it at my door Thursday morning.

  708. Tom E (verified owner)

    My old awning was completely torn at the top of the fifth wheel. I ordered a new brown stripped 16 ft. awning fabric. With no one around to help I did this by myself. It was a lot of ladder climbing but I finished in a little over 3 hours. Great looking awning and didn’t damage myself or the new fabric

  709. James (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the service and timely manner of shipping. The Awning was easy to install and appears to be of good quality. Only time will tell. So far very pleased.

  710. Bob Bowman

    Quick dekivery

    Quick delivery, everything came with awning that was needed to install. Install was quick and easy, quality material and color match was exactly what we wanted.

  711. W. Anthon (verified owner)

    I was really pleased with the product and with the delivery. It’s amazing that RVAWNING can provide such a great product with free delivery for the amazingly low prices compared to other sellers. The only addition to the product that I would like to have seen would have been double stitching on the seams as opposed to single stitching. All in all, a great deal.

  712. Amanda

    Great price great value for the money and was quick on the shipping

  713. Dan Galligan

    Much faster awning replacement versus other ridiculous directions from others on Amazon.
    The fabric was heavy duty and well made. I can’t believe what I paid, as the other manufacturer’s wanted twice as much, and in the case of Dometic, three times as much. Extremely satisfied and highly recommended!

  714. Dean

    Awning fit as it should! Looks Great!!!! Great Price!!!!!!Fast shipping!!!! What more can you ask for!

  715. Dave (verified owner)

    The awning fits great and looks great. A great price and fast shipping!!

  716. Brian Colosie (verified owner)

    I bought the heavier fabric. Really appreciated the fact that they had plastic wrapped around the awning. The first one I bought from the other guys came thread bare and full of holes. Went up without a hitch. Thanks again

  717. Glen A. (verified owner)

    I bought the 16’ Ocean blue awning. A little more than a hundred bucks including shipping. Excellent price and the awning was delivered in less than a week across country. I’m 75 years old and did 70% of the installation myself. The difficult part for me was figuring out how to reset the spring tension on both sides. I waited too long to replace my awning and the awning tore away from the trailer as I was opening it. But, with care, and some trial and error adjustments, the completed job turned out well. I’m happy with the awning quality, looks great, and I highly recommend RV Awnings Mart.

  718. Chris (verified owner)

    Great replacement for a 2018 Wolf Pup 16FQ. Doesn’t feel as heavy a material, but does feel higher quality. I relocated the LED to the trailer siding, the stitching was coming out anyway. It’s shorter on the width and I was worried about that, but it’s only 1.5″ shorter, can hardly tell.

  719. Shawn hamilton (verified owner)

    Came in fast and was able to install it in 3 hours first time doing it easy to put on.

  720. Jen B (verified owner)

    You get what you see and pay for. Great quality, fast service, even when we made the error to.order around a holiday they still shipped the awning the next business day. Will recommend to all my camper friends that need replacement awnings! Thank you.

  721. Ben Morris (verified owner)

    Great price and and easy installation fast shipping exactly what you ordered high quality no hidden charges and free shipping

  722. Lyle Saumweber (verified owner)

    I have not had time or help to install the awning yet but wanted to have it in my possession when everything comes together for the project. I was very impressed with the shipping time. 2 days and it was here and for no shipping cost! I’ve looked at the awning and the color is as shown online so that was nice too. Quality of awning seems more than comparable to those I’ve seen. I expect it to be very nice.

  723. John Powell (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast. Awning material appears to be heavy duty (I was concerned about the low cost) good quality. Install was easy with necessary preparation. Looks great. Thanks for the help on the phone too!

  724. Shane Martin

    We ordered this awning replacement and it was at our door within 4 days. Product was a great replacement and with the help of a couple of youtube videos, it was super east to install. Highly recommend using their great product.

  725. Keith Christian (verified owner)

    Good quality fit perfectly.

  726. Sarah (verified owner)

    Worked great

  727. Jerry (verified owner)

    Very happy with this awning .itis much heavier than the original fit perfect very easy to install. Make sure to add one extra wind before you install on.the roller the material is heavier than the original. Thanks

  728. Rick Martel

    Fast shipping and good price. Looks to be high quality.

  729. Steve Carter (verified owner)

    Totally happy with our new awning. Shipped very quickly. Fit perfectly. Installed in less than hour. Price was great.

  730. James Bowser (verified owner)

    Great! I had a few questions so I called to order. Questions were answered easily. Knowledgeable people are a joy to work with. So fabric ordered and received in less than 48 hrs. (Partly due to location but wow!) Haven’t installed yet but looking forward to the new look. Thank you.

  731. Gregory Scott (verified owner)

    Actually installed the awning with just a little help from my spouse. The key is to take your time and follow the instructions. It looks great. I wish I could show a picture.

  732. BrianD D Hulings (verified owner)

    appreciate your website and cost of product. specifications ordered and promptly shipped. satisfied with service and recommend to other campers.

  733. Steve Miller (verified owner)

    Awning replacement fabric arrived promptly and was easily installed. Looks very nice.

  734. Andre K (verified owner)

    Ordering and shipping was quick and easy, and the new awning seems to be of good quality for a great price!!
    I installed it by myself, alas a bit differently than the “Installation Guide” suggests as I wanted to clean out my roller tube and all other parts at the same time. I also let the fabric “rest” for a few days to get some of the wrinkles out before inserting it into the second groove.
    The included installation tool was a great help!

  735. Richard Taborek Sr (verified owner)

    Decided to purchase a replacement fabric from RV Awnings Mart instead of my original Carefree of Colorado Teal Dune Stripe fabric. The primary reason was price including shipping. The Ocean Blue Fade fabric from RV Awnings Mart was 1/3 the cost of my original fabric providing me with $300 in savings. The RV Awnings Mart fabric came well packaged with good directions and was easy to install. I will definitely be a repeat customer! – Rich T
    Awning Fabric Sizes:

    16′ (Approx Width 15’2″)

  736. Blake Schanen (verified owner)

    Everything was as described on the site here. Initially was shipped the incorrect item, but one phone call and they immediately shipped a replacement in the correct size to me. Great products, customer service, and overall value. Will shop here again.

  737. Tracie D (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product and service! Shipped out and received it quickly. The quality seems great. My Husband put it up with very little assistance from me. Easy instructions and all of the items necessary to get the job done were included. Highly recommend!

  738. James B

    Item was delivered fast install was easy Will do bussiness with them again

  739. bobbynthegirls (verified owner)

    Great awning. Easy to install. Everything you need is in the box. Excellent quality so far. I’ll update again after a few years use.

  740. Ben J (verified owner)

    Seems to be nice quality. I didn’t know that the pull strap and spleen tool were also included. I purchased a separate pull strap, so now I have an extra. Installation took two of us a few hours due to wind and other issues. But overall this was a great value. Plus, shipping was quick!

  741. Ben J (verified owner)

    Appears to be very good quality. I was not aware that it came with a pull strap and spleen tool. I purchased a new strap along with the the awning, so now I have a spare. Took a few hours to install due to wind and other issues, but overall I’m very pleased with the results. Plus, shipping was very quick. I would recommend.

  742. rws2955 (verified owner)

    Ordered the awning fabric and it arrived quickly. The fabric itself seems high quality and it was a real easy install. Me and a buddy of mine removed the 2 year old Carefree awning fabric that was just shot from being in the Arizona sun. The local RV service center wanted $500 plus tax to install a new fabric so I ordered from RV Awnings Mart for a fraction of that price. The entire removal of the old awning fabric and installation of the new Sun Wave fabric took just a little over two hours. Very pleased with it. Now, I’ll see how this new fabric holds up to the UV and heat. Great customer service and fast shipping plus a great price sold me on this company.

  743. Christy (verified owner)

    Love it! Bought this to replace a torn up awning on a used camper we recently picked up. Got the checkered pattern since it will be at a race track the majority of it’s life. Was super easy to install. Make sure you read how to measure your awning and don’t just measure your old awning fabric or you could end up with the wrong size. Was slightly disappointed the checkered pattern didn’t fill the entire fabric but later realized it doesn’t in the picture either. Seems the “weather guard” part of it is just solid white. Would have preferred it to be checkered or black. Otherwise, this is fantastic and we love it.

  744. Melissa C (verified owner)

    This is the best deal out there! I was already sold on the warranty and product itself–the very competitive price was icing on the cake! My order was quickly processed, shipped, & received so no complaints there either. The canvas is thick and appears to be quality material. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you RV Awnings Mart!!

  745. a1rvservices4u (verified owner)

    I ordered a patio awning and 2 slide out awnings. Everything was great quality. The packaging was top notch. All went on with ease. My 1st awning replacement. Looking to make this a new career in the RV field. Thank you Awnings Mart!!!

  746. John (verified owner)

    I was in a time crunch, called and was told the awning would ship and be delivered by a certain day and to my surprise, it was! The awning fit perfectly, looks great and well made. Thanks!

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